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Spelunky is a (Windows-only) game that blends roguelike elements with a platform game reminiscent of La Mulana or the original Spelunker. Add this to the pile of fantastic indie platformers, I guess. [via]
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I'll give it a try, I guess.
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I gave it a try. It didn't scratch my roguelike itch.

er... yeah
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Gave it a quick try, it's cute. The controls are very fiddly and literal: jumping is hard, aiming is hard, climbing ladders and ropes is full of peril. Like an old school platformer, not exactly a failure but I find I have little patience for that anymore. Some of the complexity seems useful though. For instance looting a chest requires you press up, then X, then crouch, then X to grab the item. Which seems like a lot of steps until you realize you can press down and then X to lift the chest itself. That may come in handy later.
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In the spirit of Nethack and Crawl, there are a lot of interactions that aren't exactly obvious at first: using a damsel in distress to set off an arrow trap; purposefully setting off an idol trap in order to kill some difficult enemies; getting shot by an arrow trap so that you fly backwards, bounce off another monster's head, and fall into a pit of snakes, where you die.
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I have been playing this game pretty much constantly for the past few days. It is hard. It is merciless. I even resorted to hardcore cheating because I just wanted to see the end of the game, and still it was nearly impossible to not die. This game is maddenly, mouth-frothingly difficult. And yet, it is one of the most addictive games I have played in a long while.
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So it's like a Unix game, only hard to use?
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It's quite a cool game, with a number of special little things randomly included among the levels, although I've gotten blown up by a bomb I didn't mean to use more than once.
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Brilliant stuff. Definitely worth taking the time out to play.
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