It's a bird, it's a plane... its su... wait, nope not him.
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Here's Razorhawk a superhero who also wrestles and makes suits for other superheroes. This is Master Legend who recently had an article published in Rolling Stone about him. Meet Superhero who patrols the streets of Clearwater, Florida in his custom Corvette. They call themselves real-life superheroes. A documentary film featuring them has the first 10 minutes free online at google video.

More clips of real-life superheroes here. Happy New Years everyone and stay safe.
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The first superhero interviewed has some sort of testicular cameltoe going on. He also wears a Watchmen smiley-face pin, which can't be a good sign.

Angle-Grinder Man is the only real-life superhero in my book.
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What a fun and colorful way to get yourself beaten up and/or shot!
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But, these are new people not mentioned before.
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"Having thus lost his Understanding [by doing nothing but reading romantic stories - comic books of the day], he unluckily stumbled upon the oddest Fancy that ever enter'd into a Madman's Brain; for now he thought it convenient and necessary, as well for the Increase of his own Honor, as the Service of the Public, to turn Knight-Errant, and roam throughout the World arm'd Cap-a-pee, and mounted on his Steed, in quest of Adventures..." - Cervantes, Don Quixote

Literature is so practical.
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The fools will not withstand my Atomic Powered Absorbrotron Ray!
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Strange that "Super Hero" lives 15 miles down the street and yet 2 guys with guns keep shooting and robbing convenience stores in the area.

Me thinks he's not taking his job seriously enough.
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convenience store CLERKS

(oh how I wish there was a 2 or 3 min edit window for comments on the blue)
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oh no.
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There must be something in the water in Clearwater, they get all the nuts.
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Even by their own standards these guys fail.

Batman trained hard for decades before he put on a suit. Superman's a bulletproof space alien, and even he hung around the farm for years getting up to speed. The X-Men are the next phase in freakin' human evolution, and they still need their own school.

Not to mention the unthinkable psychological trauma: Home planets destroyed. Parents and Gentle Uncles gunned down. Massive radiation exposures...

And now we have these idiots, who believe so much in the superhero ideal -- they're just gonna throw together a suit, pick up a nunchuck or something and out they go? I mean, geez, at least if they had their own cave or something, that'd be something.

Did I miss a Secret Origins book that began, "One day, some putz got a hold of his mom's sewing machine..."
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Can these super people stop the super volcano? It seems they are on the case!
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To Anyone Currently Using Watchmen as thier Malfecta Loci Grimore Ala Aspecta: Cut it out.

Your sad attempts to bring Superheroes into existence is cauing this kinda shit all over. Either you can't summon up the right forces to actually make Super Powers possible, or you're filling the world with 4th-bit "caped crusaders" for your own stupid amusement.

Cut it out. Srsly. I have Alan Moore's telepathic sigil. We will find you.

fuckin' punk.
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Quick, to the Dorkmobile!
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There must be something in the water in Clearwater, they get all the nuts.

Indeed. Noted cryptozoologist Ivan Sanderson investigated giant 3-toes tracks found there, and concluded that Clearwater was home to a 15 foot penguin.
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As a real-life villain its good to see what I'm up against.
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