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The Yoshimoto Cube. The cube transforms into two stellated rhombic dodecahedrons.
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I was duly unimpressed until the video in the third link, at which point I turned a hard left straight into bewilderment. That's pretty neat!
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I have one of the simple cube ones, picked up at a trade show. It has NASA pictures, and it is like a cat chasing a laser pointer. Hours of fun.
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I have one of these, but I can't find what its real product name is. I can only see the name "ENTEX" with a sort of smiley in a bullseye.

When separated, one the sides has all red external faces when foldes as a hollow cube, one has red/yellow/blue faces. Both sides seem to have a red/blue/yellow bullseye pattern when folded as a star.

I've always loved to watch the geometry change as it folds. It's a beautiful thing.
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Well, my cube transforms into a Battlestar Hypercar Attack Drone with special laser firing armature!

except mine broke. Stupid extradimensional plastic assault Christmas.
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In origami.
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Nice, SteelyDuran! That makes what's happening really clear.
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Mine is "Toysmith 1997", but origami intrigues me.
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I used to have one of those. It was a great fiddle toy!
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It's perfectly easy to understand. You just have to realize that everything you were ever told about space and time is completely wrong.
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Thanks for the post, and extra points for the art school pun.
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oh never mind.
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Not to be confused with the Yamauchi Cube.
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Wow, that's the most typos ever in any post I have ever made.

*sigh* It's been a long year.
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Yikes, the MOMA store has it for fifty bucks!
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I used to have one of these as a kid but have no idea where the hell it is now. Probably chucked out with all my old crap when my parents sold up and moved out of our family home. I shall definitely be trying my hand at making the origami version (thanks SteelyDuran).
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But can I use it to roll for hit points for my barbarian?
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The drive-in restaurant chain Sonic used to give out the simple, cube-only version as kids meal toys a few years back. Their surfaces were printed with odd facts and charts, one for each face. I fear my experiences with them have desensitized (or acclimated?) me to the awesomeness of the Yoshimoto Cube. Though I can see how someone who hasn't played around with one would freak when it seemed like the dude manifested another cube out of thin air.
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The links in the FPP don't show the outer shell for the Yoshimoto Cube. This is another layer that goes around the cube, a kaleidocycle (a ring of tetrahedral pyramids) which itself can be folded into a cube of the same size as the Yoshimoto Cube. But if you fold the kaleidocycle into this shape (via) then there is a hole inside which neatly accommodates the Yoshimoto Cube.
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I had one of these as a kid. Teh awesome.
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Oh man.... fifty bucks...
that feels like it's just hovering right on the event horizon of "things I really want to own" and "stupid shit I spent too much money on."

argh.... i waaaant it.... mainly so it can sit on a shelf and when people are like oh hey what's this I can be all like THAT'S THE YOSHIMOTO CUBE OH MY GOD DON'T TOUCH IT
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Wait, you mean there's a *third* dimension, and something called vol-ume? Now you've really blown my mind...
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