Eddie Waitkus, The Natural
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You have probably heard of Roy Hobbs, the fictional baseball player in The Natural. The book and movie were loosely base on the life of Eddie Waitkus. Eddie was having a fine pro baseball career, when on the night of June 14, 1949 an obsessed girl, Ruth Ann Steinhagen, lured him into a hotel room and shot him.
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Steinhagen was no Barbara Hershey.

I like Barbara Hershey.
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I love Eddie's initial reaction: "I don't know what got into that silly honey. Why pick on a nice guy like me?"
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Let's hear it for stalkers!

Hip hip hooray... Why is no one cheering with me?
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Using my vast knowledge of Craniometry I have been able to determine that Ruth Ann Steinhagen's vast forehead, known to Craniometrists as a "Fivehead", was without a doubt the cause of her aberrant behavior. It is unfortunate that corrective fivehead surgery was not available until 1958, it could have saved a life.
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An armed society is a polite society.
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Check out the arm on that society!
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