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Fans of both Dead Space (and comic books in general), will be happy to learn that the first issue of the new comic book mini-series based on the game has been released online, in full, for free here. Not a fan of Dead Space but like comic books? There are lots of other comic books online that can be viewed for free, like stuff from DC Comics, Marvel and Image. There's also a few Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Doctor Who comics online for your viewing pleasure (in fact you can even make your own with the latter).
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That's cool. I never played Dead Space because I'm a filthy coward, but I thought the premise sounded interesting, if not a little generic. The comic seemed to bear that out - a little Doom, a little Alien, but not bad.

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And by a filthy coward I mean that I quit playing Doom 3 after the part in the beginning where all the lights inexplicably go out.

And by quit playing I mean that I screamed and ran out of the room.
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Dead Space on hard mode is an intense, harrowing experience. I went through most encounters wondering how much longer I could possibly last before the aliens tear me from limb to limb. I always seemed to have only the most minimum resources to just barely survive. And every time I thought I outran them, the bastards would crawl through the ventilation shafts and find me. Survival horror at its finest!
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I wan't to play Dead Space, but I can't find a copy. Just finished Fallout 3 and loved every inch of it. Fall Out 4? Please?
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Another $%& prequel?! I don't care what happened before, I played the game! I want to find out what happened next!

I don't get the obsession with prequels.
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That guy's art really bothers me for some reason. Fell got the highest recommendation from a trusted source, but I could never get into it because the art was so.... one-note?
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I've only played the Dead Spacedemo, but I already feel safe in asserting System Shock 2 has it completely beat in terms of creep factor.

(That said, I'm a sucker for any story in which something went horribly wrong and you're left to crawl around in the ruins trying to figure it all out.)
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I wan't to play Dead Space, but I can't find a copy.

Avaialble January 2009, according to Steam.
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At least the Dead Space comic seems better than that abomination of a movie... seriously, I'm not a connoisseur and I can cope with shoddy animation, lousy voice acting and horribly scripted and blocked action sequences, but as far as animated features go, the Dead Space animated "movie" is the worst. Seriously, I've seen better animation in Beavis & Butthead episodes and Saturday morning cartoons; and it really hurts to see some people can't even make a decent scary movie about zombie monsters in space!
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Instead of reading Dead Space, I suggest a different series by Antony Johnson, Wasteland. Its first issue is also available for free at It deals with many of the same themes, but it's set in a post-apocalyptic future that is still recovering from a massive flood.
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Shockingly NOT an adaptation!
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Buffy comics! Thank you, thank you!
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