A story of Hollywood... as you always knew it would be.
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This is the story of Lylah Clare. Overnight, she became a star. Over many nights, she became a legend. posted by Joe Beese (16 comments total) 2 users marked this as a favorite
OHNOES! You killed Geocities!
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wow. that went down fast. oh yeah, geocities.
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You killed Geocities!


Well, it was a lengthy recap of the movie - emphasizing its extraordinary WTF? quotient.
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Google cache
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The first rule of Linking to Geocities is don't link to Geocities.
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Terrific high camp. But I can no longer watch movies without desperately wishing a penanggalan would fly into the frame and eat all the cast members.
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The last days of the studio system were not pretty. Funny how self-referential it is. The studio system was bad. The movie about the bad studio system is also bad. So much badness must make for goodness.

1967 was the year it all blew open with Bonnie and Clyde and The Graduate with the arrival of taboo-shattering sex and violence on screen. Old style films after that were self mockeries.
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Kim Novak. Mmmmmmm.
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I love Kim Novak. Tangentially, Vertigo is one of my all time faves. Particularly for how awesome she is and how creepy Jimmy Stewart is as he's forcing her to change her hair and laboriously selecting her outfits so she looks exactly like the dead woman he loves.
She's going through the motions but when she tries to protest his re-making her into his perfect woman, he responds with the awesome argument, "Judy, please! It can't matter to you!" Ha!

She's awesome.
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Also, awesome.
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Wow - what a find! Thank you thank you thank you! :)

(though agree with Hitchcock that that Kim Novak just about ruined Vertigo = film called for an actress that could project intelligence = not Novak's strong suit - looking forward to seeing what she does in this pic).
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My favorite moment in Vertigo is when Kim Novak grabs her hair, shakes her head and yells: No! No! No! No!

Me and a friend would sometime stop whatever we were doing, look at each other, grab our hair, shake our heads and yell: No! No! No! No!

Sometimes in public places.

No one ever stared... funny creatures, humans.
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This was one of Movieline's Bad Movies We Love sixteen years ago.
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Metafilter: squat and wait.
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I'm glad I and my friend aren't the only ones who think Vertigo's awesomely terrible. We felt kinda bad for ruining the movie for a lot of people by laughing at it at a midnight showing a few years ago, but really... it's hysterical.

Like the court scene. What the hell, Hitchcock, what the hell?
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You guys have been feeding me so many bad, awesome movies lately. When the surely-upcoming divorce rolls down the line for me after having made my wife watch first Troll 2 and then The Room, I'll have you guys to blame.

As long as you keep feeding me stuff like this though, I'll be happy.
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