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Interviews 50 ¢ is one of my all time favorite sites. Alex Chadwick sets up a card table and a handmade sign "Interviews 50 cents". People walk up and tell stories. If they are esspecially moving, he hands them 50 cents, otherwise they put 50 cents into the cigar box. (In Quicktime format and text)
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This is a great idea. These simple ideas to connect with others are usually great. My favourite one so far is 1000 Journals, but this one is great too. (Sadly I can't seem to get hold of a journal, anyone here able to help!?)
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Thanks Zebulun! This is interesting stuff. Runs parallel to an idea I had several years about a TV show called "Real Americans." It involved a roving film crew setting up basically a few card tables in neighborhoods throughout the country and inviting people to step right up to the plate and take a few minutes to talk about whatever was on their mind - school bond issues, pollution, their kids' good grades - whatever. Also included would be a look at the "underside" of the community - things that traditional tourist brochures wouldn't touch.
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The 1000 Journals Project was talked about here in MeFi. Would like to see that conversation rekindled again. I'd like to get my hands on one of those journals as well, but I think the objective is to just send them out like messages in a bottle and see if any of them actually make it back. Considering the population of the world, a hundred thousand journals would probably be a better number. 1000 vs over 6 billion ain't even a drop in the bucket.

Alex Chadwick's idea is better, and his project will reach more people. At least in theory.
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Thanks for the link; I love things like this. Over the three years of my talk radio show (2/98-2/01), I had a few 'celebrities' on, but the main idea was to involve unknown local people who no one had ever invited on the radio before.

No one really 'talks' on a regular talk show; everyone's just selling something. (The celebrity's idea of a conversation goes like this: "Watch my new movie." Or TV show or video, or "Buy my new book.") As the famous line goes: "Let's talk about you. What do you think about me?"

The 'nobodies' have the most interesting stories.
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Great link! I think that this is the type of link that makes MetaFilter worthwhile.

For more about the "nobodies," check out PeopleCards.

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