Understanding Islam through Virtual Worlds.
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After a year of research spanning four continents and interviews with dozens of people across the internet, Dancing Ink Productions will release their findings from the Understanding Islam through Virtual Worlds project on Thursday, January 29.
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Army invades Second Life.
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(from the last link) After a year of exploring digital Islamic communities, Fouts and King conclude that engaging with people in virtual worlds who self-identify as Muslim can be part of a broader public diplomacy strategy to foster inclusive perspectives on religion, society, and coexistence...

Hmm... using video games to help us understand Islam and Muslims. I suppose it's possible.

...What are the responsibilities of these actors in virtual communities? What prospects do virtual worlds offer for peaceful intercultural understanding and creative growth among nations? Policy Innovations Managing Editor Evan O'Neil will moderate. Wine reception to follow.

Oh, I get it, it's actually an orientalist convention.
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