Bipartisan Support for SUV Mileage Reform
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Bipartisan Support for SUV Mileage Reform U.S. enthusiasm for gas-guzzling SUVs is itself fueled by idiotic federal policy. These passenger cars have been classified as "light trucks" since 1975, when they omprised only 20% of all U.S. vehicles. Today, SUVs are nearly half of everything on the road. Result: DOT says gas mileage is at a 20 year low. Bush and Cheney distort the truth a lot in order to push pro-oil-drilling agenda. Read what retired president Jimmy Carter says about their misinformation and scare tactics.
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For a thorough analysis of the Bush administration's new energy policy (i.e., what it says and why it says it), check this out. It's from someone who actually read the damn thing.
posted by drywall at 2:41 PM on May 18, 2001

As I said, Bush's proposal is soaked with spin and phony conservation posturing, as your post shows.

The Carter article is really a must-read if you're trying to keep the facts straight.

There are two sides to this story--finding new resources vs. conserving existing ones.

But it would help if people would tell the truth, at least a little.
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drywall's link mentions the option of moving to Canada. Any Canadian MeFi's that can share any noticeable differences in energy issues between the US and Canada? Or are the two economies just too joined at the hip?
posted by machaus at 3:32 PM on May 18, 2001's a contrived energy shortage!
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