May 18, 2001
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Kites are cool, but this kite festival site kills me. ....worth clicking on "directions". Flash for everyone.
posted by tomplus2 (5 comments total)
Cool use of kites I found last year: photography.
posted by mathowie at 1:14 PM on May 18, 2001

What a great site. Worth a visit.
posted by keithl at 1:23 PM on May 18, 2001

uhhh, i don't get it. that's not even good Flash. self-promo(test2.html)???
posted by donkeysuck at 2:53 PM on May 18, 2001

Man, that sucks. It really is not necessary to turn the use of a menu into a guessing game, but if you decide to go that route, try to make sure that the pictures obscuring the choices at least have something to do with the options they're concealing.
posted by kindall at 4:01 PM on May 18, 2001

"but this kite festival site kills me" means that this site kills me. "kills me" is generally a bad thing. I don't like it, donkeysuck. There are 2 links there, one a decent kite site, one, an incredibly lame attempt at flash. self-promo, no one in their right mind would self-promo that piece of garbage. ...i posed it for those who get a kick out of rolling their eyes.
posted by tomplus2 at 4:11 PM on May 20, 2001

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