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Wayne Martin Belger is an artist who creates pinhole cameras out of some unusual materials... like human skulls, for example.
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Ok, that's too cool. Sets my wtf? sensor way off the deep end.

When I am dead and gone I hope someone makes something artistic and perhaps even useful from me (pretty too!).
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Also available in 3D vision. Impressive craft and efforts to make the items more than interesting manipulations uncommon or uncomfortable items.
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My skull already is a pinhole camera, of a sort.
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I Am A Camera.
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A-mazing. I have nothing but love and wonder for this.
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I am somewhat squicked out by, though not necessarily disapproving of, the concept of HIV positive blood as a red filter.

Otherwise very beautiful and ornate all around, though I feel like the Yama one belongs in a temple in some pulp adventure story.
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How exactly does one go about securing 'a 150 year old skull of a 13 year old girl'? I check the thrift store all the time, and nothing like that ever shows up.
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I kind of wish he had more photos on the site, and examples of what each camera produces.
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How? Well, you can become an active collector, do a little digging of your own and see what treasures you can unearth.. or I suppose you could take the easy route and go to places like this.
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The skullcam is strangely strange. It should be illegal to use human skulls for this kind of thing.
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A little too goth for me but still pretty damn cool.
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RussHy what would you prefer to use human skulls for?
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Human skulls should be used for decorating chapels.
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I'd rather see more underwater pinhole photos. Goofy cameras, not so much.
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In college we observed that a friend, let's call him Al, had some dental work that made his front teeth look really weird under a black light. Another friend Keith constantly commented that we should turn his head intro a decorative bong. Haha, we thought.

Flash forward some dozen years later, when Keith was living in Houston, whose denizens turned a skull into very such article!
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I admire the dedication it takes to make such a thing. But it seems wholly impractical and likely to lose its novelty quickly. As a conversation piece, I don't think the conversation would get past "why?"

But still interesting to see out there.
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Fans of this may also enjoy AlexCF, a "Professional cryptozoological pseudo-scientific assemblage artist and illustrator...."
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Generally, these skulls can range from larger minimally prepared chinese specimens to the smaller, well prepped Indian skulls (in country pre-1985 export ban) that usually have calvaria cuts and attached mandibles.

FatherDagon, thanks for adding a weird bit of intrigue into my life. My wife didn't like the rodent skull I had on the porch (I found it while hiking along the road in, amongst other bits of litter and small animal bones), and I doubt she'd even like me talking about getting a few Chinese skulls in the mail.
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I like a lot of the photos and admire the craftsmanship put into the cameras.

.... I'll have to figure out why I find the concept behind it all so irritating.
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Perfect for the person with Lemmy on his/her Christmas list. Thanks!
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oh, so much more beautiful and worthwhile than that garish thing damian hirst made out of a skull. cool link, thanks, blaneyphoto!
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I like this one.
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