Happy Muharram
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Today is Muharram, a holy day for all muslims. Why is it holy, whele, here, take a look for yourselves.
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FYI - Muharram is a month, not a day.
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interesting, thanks
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Yes, it is the 11th of Muharram by most reckoning. Yesterday was Ashura, and a good day to fast for all Muslims regardless of their sect.
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that wikipedia article is terrible. it's written in the style of a 2nd grader, and still doesn't manage to tell you why Muslims celebrate Muharram and what its significance is.
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Somehow I rather doubt that we'll be seeing the fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza, etc end for the duration of Muharram (and, since this is the 11th of Muharram, it obviously hasn't ended or even slacked off for the first 11 days).

So, how is "fighting" defined by most Muslim sects as it applies to Muharram? I'm guessing there's a defense exemption and the combatants have a rather Libertarian definition of "defense"?

Or is this kind of like the idea of Christmas as a "season of peace" for Christians in that its talked about that way, but no one actually changes their behavior?
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"So, how is "fighting" defined by most Muslim sects as it applies to Muharram?"

For the whole month there will be no "One, Two, Three, Four, I declare a thumb war!"
As for killing and stuff, that's OK.
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Forgive me for asking this, but isn't Muharram (Ashura) a day of _mourning_ ? Always thought wishing someone a _Happy_ Muharram was culturally insensitive.
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Damn, you found me out cydonian. :)

And yeah, shouldn't it be "well". Sort of couldn't figure that out yesterday--very good.
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Ashura is only considered a day of mourning for Shia. Sunni Muslims traditionally fast this day, but they don't spend it in a state of mourning or sadness over the martyrdom of Hussain.
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