Black Holes, Killer Asteroids and Spaghetti-fication, oh my!
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You're Going to Die II: The always entertaining astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson discusses a few of the ways the cosmos could kill you, for City Arts & Lectures. [previously]
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Interesting, albeit he's rather annoying and almost self-righteously dorky all at the same time.
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It's nice to see Tyson talk about something other than (well ... I mean, not just) black holes. This must have been at least the fourth separate talk I've seen him give on that "death by black hole" routine.
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MetaFilter: Rather annoying and almost self-righteously dorky all at the same time.
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The asteroid part is in the middle and is actually quite interesting.
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Dr Tyson is made of pure awesomons. It's a scientific FACT.
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Can I get a transcript?
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I've had quite enough existential dread for today, thank you very much.
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"Stay out of Malibu, you asteroid! Stay out of Malibu, you asteroid!"


OK, seriously, I dig this guy and his work. Glad to see folks like him and authors like Bill Bryson make science understandable and approachable, and dare I say it, cool.
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Wait a minute. I didn't have time to look at the whole video..but you mean to tell me that at any time we could be sucked into outer space and smashed to pieces by a flying space rock.
Well I say: IT"S PRIME TIME FOR A 48 HOUR NON STOP PARTY! By non stop, I mean if I'm right or wrong. It's gonna be one hellava party. You in!?
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Neil deGrasse Tyson is one of my absolute favorite people in the world. In high school, wen I was on the AcDec team (competitive test-taking, how's that for nerdiness?) the science portion my junior year was astrophysics. We watched videos of him every day, and we all loved him. He makes better use of hand gestures than most Italians (NOT ITALIAN-IST). On a side note, I have a fish named after him.
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Just a tiny little corner of what's available at Exit Mundi.
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That's random, I saw Tyson on TV yesterday. I had never heard of him before. Must be book tour time. I love the way he is so obviously and unapologetically entertained by these things and brings everyone else along on his interesting ride.
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This is great! I have his book in my 'to read' pile, so I'm glad I can get a snapshot before opening it up and committing to read it. It does seem interesting, though.
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ZaneJ starting in early with the snark. I thought it was a great talk.

Hell, I wish this guy was my uncle or something. I'd just sit around and listen to him tell morbid bed-time stories. Of course, I also voted Dennis Kucinich for my grandpa last year tho, so maybe I just have male role-model issues. I think I'm going to go get a's noon, right?
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I highly recommend his book, even as a total Physics "moran" (sic), I really enjoyed it. The man is just awesome; finding this video, months ago, was what prompted me to check out the book.
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