Crass Commercialism for Cash Prizes!
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Title This is a cable-access game show "where art critics and celebrities compete to title Mark Kostabi's paintings for cash rewards." Kostabi hosts, and is sometimes featured playing piano with a jazz combo (e.g. here, with Ornette Coleman). Here's the episode with Mason Reese and Michel Gondry as guest panelists.
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I never realized that Kostabi looked so much like J.D. Salinger.
posted by Joe Beese at 2:53 PM on January 8, 2009

I get the feeling that I'm missing something about his guy's schtick... these are bad paintings, but are they intentionally bad? The cheesy water effect below his portrait on his page is what makes me wonder.
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Dear Jonathan Ames: I don't know how to impress this upon you, but you are a smart man with albino eyebrows, and you deserve better than to sit a room full of pretentious, self-satisfied, unimaginative asshats.*

*Excepting Gondry and Coleman, but that's it.
posted by evidenceofabsence at 6:00 PM on January 8, 2009

Oh Kostabi. He's decided to just run with the meta-art-irony-post-whatever think and just have his unpaid interns do the all the work and then stand back for the applause.

So this is actually more clever than I would give him credit for.
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Musicians are so bad, they sound like music school grad students who happen to be mentally retarded.... I can visualize it... "Waterston Nebraska Music Academy for the Mentally Retarded" I used to noodle around with ad lib chording w/ very similar skills ... WHEN I WAS 8!!! Even the (perhaps formerly) great Coleman played horribly, but one only hopes that he was savvy enough to have been doing so purposefully. But wait... maybe that horrid band was also being purposefully bad.

Yes Evidenceofabsinthe, Jonny boy does have talent at .......?. Remember his appearances on Letterman? I watched cause I was told that Ames would be on (I hate Letterman), and was satisfied, because.... get THIS!!... Ames seemed as taking the same tactic as all these creeps on this assinine Kostabi thing, that is, purposefully bringing down the skill level in the Letterman room, except of course for that creep band-meister for Letterman (Paul something or other ) who is actually a very good musician but who should never be allowed to open his piehole.

Shoujld I keep going, or just shut UP? chuck?
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He recorded an album called "I Did It Steinway."

Thus, Mark Kostabi is and forever will be an insufferable douchebag.
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