Superbroker stylin
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There's dancing and syrup. Also: cheerleaders and rapping. And mullets.
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No wonder the economy is in the tank.
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I think I can use this in my thesis.
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I think the old man may have ruptured something doing that.
posted by Joe Beese at 2:49 PM on January 8, 2009

You'd think for a video the company would at least hire interesting people to sing...or at the very least people with rhythm.
posted by Chan at 2:50 PM on January 8, 2009

everyone knows.....there is no dancing without syrup!

You tiny, little, tiny desperate monkeys.
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I think it broke Matt's iPhone.
("Super Broker metafilter" gave this as the 4th result in Google but without any sign that it had been posted already.)
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How do they get that many people to do anything that idiotic?
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Propane, and propane accessories.
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The goggles, they do nothing!
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This is perfect for any of those folks who think that rapping requires no talent. Watch this a few times, and you'll see what happens when you can't even speak in monotone along with the beat...
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Yeah, see, I'm dyslexic and I read that as "cheerleaders raping syrup."

For a moment, I thought all my dark pancake fantasies were being fulfilled.
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Frankly I'm suspicious about that one guy with the Kool Aid...he looks like he actually did come to huffle and buffle. Let's give him a personality test.
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There's dancing and syrup. Also: cheerleaders and rapping. And mullets.

You forgot to mention the zombies.

What do you mean, those aren't zombies?
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I'll one up you with some Blondie - Rapture. There's men from mars who eat cars! Along with bad dancing and...a...goat...? (FF to 2:00 min. in to get to the rapping.)
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They're so bad, they know they're good!
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Does anyone remember the 85 Bears? They did the Super Bowl Shuffle! This one includes cowbell.
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These people are actually cooler than real rappers. I watched all four minutes of this, completely enthralled. I couldn't sit through 40 seconds of Jay-Z.
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This appears to be a clinical trial for some kind of pharmaceutical.
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Well, the college national championship game (I refuse to say the B** acronym because they have ruined the Rose Bowl) is on right now and if the football bores you, they do have cheerleaders.
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I'm impressed that some of you watched all four minutes. I couldn't make it. The first guy was pretty good though.
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Joey, am also dyslexic but i read "cheeleaders raping mullets".
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OMFG this is beautiful, just beautiful.

Pushin' Planter's nutz not hard to do!!
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I used to work for a food brokerage. Completely sleazy industry. Or at least the company that I worked for. Functioned on equal parts nepotism and bribery, mostly.
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Basically, the way it worked was, you go into a grocery store and try to schmooz the store manager to get end unit displays. The way you did this was by buying them stuff. Or being related to them. Then you'd take pictures of the end unit displays, and send them to the various companies whose products you're supposed to be representing. You had a quota of how many of these you had to do. If you got a lot of them, you got stuff from the company, usually golf-related, and most of which you ended up kicking back to the store managers.

Usually, the second you left the store, the end unit went away. Sometimes you just moved shit around until it looked like you had an end unit display, took a picture and then moved everything back.

It was utterly fucking depressing.

I eventually asked that they find something else for me to do, so I started going in overnights to do resets to make sure that our stuff ended up with the right amount of facings on the store shelves, which was at least honest work, but I never really actually showed up for that, because that year ended up being my own personal "Summer of Love" and I spent most of the time either going to raves and/or recovering from going to raves. They didn't care because they weren't really accountable for people not showing up, and they didn't have to pay me if I didn't show up. I stayed on the payroll there for like 4 months even though I showed up to work like 3 times in that time period.

My cousin is still pissed off at me, because he was the one that got me the job to begin with (the whole nepotism thing)

On the other hand, I did get at least one cool weekend out of it where we went to a food brokers convention where there was just an UNBELIEVABLE amount and variety of free food to be had. It was the first time I had ostrich, alligator and buffalo meet, and I ended up going home with a stationwagon full of free food.

Anyway, that's my food brokerage story. I never would have thought it would be appropriate for a mefi thread, so I'm taking the chance while its here.
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I bet the Grey Poupon guy won the Super Broker Shuffle. He seems like a real go-getter.
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I take it back. Bob Berman nailed it at the end with those fancy moves. Was that a proto-"raise the roof" I saw just then?
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Ortega man had it, he had rhythm. Probably a monster salesman.
Otherwise this is a heck of a cultural artifact.
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and no hating on Debbie Harry, pal.

'Rapture' is one fucking flat, white video though. damn.
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They sure sounded enthused.
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Ricky Gervais had to get his inspiration from somewhere.
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