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The Republic of Molossia today honors His Imperial Majesty Emperor Norton I.

Reporter visits and gives a nice ... summation of nation.
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This is a slow perusal with a cup of tea poke around site ... unless of course, tea isn't your cup.
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The Dead Dog War - secret history of the world that YOUR HISTORY TEACHER doesn't want you to know!

Seriously, this is brilliant. I've been a longtime admirer of H.I.M. Norton I, and micronations in general.
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Seriously. To quote -

The Dead Dog War was an event that threatened the territory of Molossia by the United States. While not being a war in the strictest sense, due to a lack of direct armed conflict, it is nevertheless defined as such by Molossia because it represented a threat to our sovereignty, and was resolved by unconventional weapons and not purely by diplomacy. It may also be likened to the Cuban Missile Crisis, in that both sides stood firm, until the United States blinked, this time.

I'm laughing so hard there are tears.
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I wonder what the history is of these reparations they must pay to the county assessor. Last time a country had to pay out such a huge part of its GDP had to be around... oh, 1927 or so?
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Well, Norton was Emperor of the whole US, plus Protector of Mexico. It's not clear what he did to protect Mexico, but he was always very sure of this fact.

I wish I could have been around when he was. The community loved him and treated him every bit the part.
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I've always found the story of Sealand to be interesting and how it became a Nation through a series of loopholes and precidents. Wikipedia article also provided
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The good and polite Emperor Norton may be gone, but the record label that borrows his name lives on.
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From the Tribune article: 'He pointed to Government House -- "the only house, really"'
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I've always found the story of Sealand to be interesting and how it became a Nation through a series of loopholes and precidents.

It's hardly a nation or a state. The Brits simply have a bit of a sense of humor and haven't quashed it like the Americans might if something similar was pulled in offshore US waters. Rest assured that if anything/anyone truly vicious was there, they'd send armed helicopters without a second thought.
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> Asked it if bothered him that Baugh was running an independent nation across the street, neighbor Bill Hunt, 77, said: "Oh hell, this is still America isn't it? Why not!..."

Quoted for truth and falsity.
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I initially thought this was about molvania.com.This is better.
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I feel badly that Molossia has such poor pizza opportunities nearby. Anyone knowing a mufelatta from a hole in the ground shouldn't have to go dine on cheese covered cardboard -- the pitfalls of micronationdom, I suppose. I mean, guess its better than the pizza situation at Sealandia, FWIW.
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From Wikipedia's entry on Molossia:

Several items are banned in Molossia, including firearms, incandescent light bulbs, catfish, onions, walruses and anything from Texas, except Kelly Clarkson.

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