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Amazing Food Art by Carl Warner My mind was going to these places as I pushed my mashed potatoes around on my plate with my fork as a kid.
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I enjoy these, and he's got a great imagination and expends a lot of effort making these, but II can't help but think that they're kind of kitschy.
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What I guess I mean is that they're utterly unchallenging and easy to like, like dogs playing poker.
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Totally. I think he's got a great career ahead of him creating margarine ads or something. Actually, I thought that they would have been better without any kind of digital trickery. I do like the fish water harbour though.
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Children's books would be a good outlet for these, too. I loved them!
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It's missing the classic mashed potato gravy volcano complete with the screaming villagers and the houses being dissolved in the gravy flow.

I must confess I never built the little village at the bottom until I saw Calvin do it in Calvin and Hobbes.
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The original food artist.
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Food Art is awesome and is one of the coolest American contributions to the global art scene. It is a testament to our standard of living that we Americans have so much food we don't even have to eat it. We can make art out of it. I can assure you that more than one person from a third world country has expressed admiration in our abilities.

You should see the way they also marvel at our Penicillin Sculptures and some or our more cutting-edge AIDS Medication Mosaics.
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they're all good, but this is fantastic.
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