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Global Museum is sort of a daily paper for the museum world. The site, which marked its tenth year in 2008, aggregates museum news, job listings, and links from around the world, helping readers stay up-to-date on issues and events like artifact repatriation, art theft and trade, archaeological discoveries, innovative programs, unusual museums, threats to collections from war and natural disasters, and plenty of stuff just for fun.

I think of this as sort of the Daily News of the museum world. It's not as official in function as Museum,the industry publication put out by the American Association of Museums, so it's informal, faster-moving, fun and broad in scope - for depth of analysis, you probably want to go elsewhere, but for an informal roundup of happenings and trends, it's just the ticket. The design is busy-looking (flashing radio buttons - look out!) and it's ad-filled, but I've been reading it almost daily for years and always find items of interest.

Don't miss the piece on the front page today about a workhouse museum helping the British Medical Journal re-create Oliver Twist's diet and analyze it for nutritional content.
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I'm still a bit boggled that museums have their own TLD. Though I suppose it will be less impressive once the TLD apocalypse comes.
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Where else can you find "Archaeologist To Publicly Spank The Met Over Antiquities" as the first news story? I love GlobalMuseum! Also, I think it's the best place to find a variety of museum jobs- AAM seems to post more director and curator positions than anything else. Thanks for reminding me to add it back to my list of daily reads.
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This is relevant to my interests.
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I am qualified to administer public spankings. I will be sending my resume shortly.
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