Mixtape City: Population Seven
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Current.com's Daily Fix has named their Top 5 Free MixTapes of 2008. At number five is Black Milk's Elec. Number four is Wale's mixtape about Seinfeld (seriously). Number three is The Hood Internet vs. Chicago. Number two is Charles Hamilton's Crash Landed. Number one is a tie between Lil Wayne's The Draught is Over Part Six and some Kanye remixes called Sky High. Bonus mixtape not from the list: Jaydiohead - JayZ and Radiohead... in the same songs... I like 'em all
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Can't say I'm too excited about any of these, but at least now if someone tells me they 'bashed my inbox'. I'll have an idea what they're talking about.
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Wale is a clear #1. Total rip off.
In other news, CurrentTV is fantastic, its like Al'Jazeera for hipsters. Call it: Al Gorezeera maybe?
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Wale's mixtape about nothing is really good. I'm excited for the weezy...he's got some great album covers.
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Jaydeiohead, previous.

Not sure if this mixtape is the source, but Young Jeezy ft. Nas - My President is Black (first heard here) is much too catchy, and fairly ridiculous, lyric-wise.
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Is there a copy of The Draught is Over Part Six that doesn't have that fucker saying "The Empire!" all over it? Cause that shit drives me insane.
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How could that Wale tape be ANYTHING but the number one??
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Sky High is pretty amazing, if only for A-Trak's amazing co-opting of The Knife's "Hearbeats" for "Get Em High".
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I can just record this off the radio when they play it though, right?
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I have to agree that the Wale Seinfeld mixtape is damned fine (if only for The Kramer), but three tracks into the Black Milk's ELEC and I'm a fucking believer.
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I think the Santogold mixtape was pretty fantastic, I shall check these out as well.

Top 5 Mixtapes of the year. Commentary.
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There's something really fun about hearing a familiar song in a new way. Love these. Girl Talk is great too.
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clcapps: Awesome, thanks for the head's up! I didn't know about that.
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