What Would Joan Jett Do?
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Riot grrls! Lost faith in Jesus, but still seeking a reliable moral compass anyway? Then ask yourself: What Would Joan Jett Do? Clearly, she'd order one of these t-shirts. I would myself, but I don't think they make 'em for guys. (via Pop Culture Junk Mail)
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You know, while making sure that nobody'd posted this already, I realized the sad fact that nobody has *ever* mentioned Joan Jett before in the history of Metafilter. At least not according to the search function.

And might I also add that if the shirt's good enough for Le Tigre, it's good enough for you.
posted by logovisual at 3:57 PM on May 19, 2001

Still waiting for Iggy Pop Underoos, or a Lemmy from Motorhead air wick.

mmm... the rich smell of Lemmy.
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Hey Logo, if you feel left out of the sisterhood here, but really want to wear one of these shirts and make it stick, I hear that sports bras are the best for stuffing. Alternately, I hear that two lemon halves placed strategically in a Cross-Your-Heart have exceptional detail (and this tip came from a guy who sang in a Nirvana cover band).

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As a matter of fact, I've done drag before. Nobody will ever induce me to do it again, unless large sums of money and Kylie Minogue's "Your Disco Needs You" are involved. But that is a fascinating bit of information that you've provided, and I'm sure I'll find *some* use for it.
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What Would Brian Boitano Do?
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They're just regular adult t-shirts from what I can tell.. You can join in on the fun too, guys ;)
posted by valerie at 12:07 AM on May 20, 2001

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