The Other Eastenders
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Kamal Chunchie charts the history of the black and Asian community in Canning Town, east London, in the 1920s and 1930s. It tells the story of the Coloured Men's Institute and its founder, Kamal Chunchie, a man who can rightly be called east London's first black and Asian community leader. One of the many excellent East London history projects at Hidden Histories.
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Is there a website like this for American forgotten histories? I really enjoy reading and finding
more forgotten history. The history books I grew up with left out many things. I didn't know about Apartheid until i was in my 20's. My American history taught me that some European people came over, gave blankets to the native folk, and then killed them off. It also told me that black people were just slaves and now they march in the streets. I learned that the Chinese people came here and built our railroads. There was never any in between history on the lifestyles of the Native Americans, Blacks, or Chinese people. There was no history on how and where they lived. I've now learned about what happened, but I somehow feel that even today, the history books do not portray an accurate account on how Black or Asian people lived back then.
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Caramel Crunchie? With a hint of albatross?
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