Rick Steves' Iran
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With many stations showing it over the next couple of days it may not be too late for you to catch Rick Steves' Iran. For a TV guy, Steves online documentation isn't bad either: read his compiled blog entries or peep his slideshow. We've discussed the fact that he's a man with an agenda before and that's certainly the case here as well.
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Rick Steves stands as the sterling, ne plus ultra example that you don't have to be a jock, fratboy, thug or bully to make your own way in the world, doing exactly what you want to do. I grew up with friends like Rick Steves who, in their third decade, are suddenly becoming (if Facebook is any indication) the people everyone else wants to be.

My best friend, about whom I've written before, is a quintessential Steves-type: the designated nerd of our class, terminally uncool, taking buckets and buckets of crap for being who he was. He rode it out, and now he's on his third or fourth year as a historical consultant and itinerant teacher in Korea. Or maybe it's Fiji. I can't remember. He is annoyingly cool, and awesome, and is doing exactly what he wants to do with his life.

God bless Rick Steves and his nebbish army: may they continue to fight the good fight against the forces of vapidity and testosterone poisoning for decades to come.
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He should probably keep any plans for publishing "Iran Through the Back Door" on the q.t., at least till he's back in the U.S.
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Damn, Rick Steves is awesome.

I have nothing of value to add to this conversation, but I had to mention that.
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After reading that last link...Rick Steves for Ambassador to the UN!!!!!
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From the slideshow:

Suddenly it occurs to Rick's producer, Simon, that the plane was filled with Iranians...and everyone was given a metal knife.

What does that mean?
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I love his shows but his production company name was really ill conceived. It's difficult not to snicker like a seventh grader when everything is "through the back door"
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I'm a big fan of Rick Steves' books. And I watched the show and it was awesome. But I was slightly disappointed that it wasn't more like his old PBS series. Picture some street scene with Rick's soft narration: "...and he ith accusthed of thievery, so they will chop off his hand. [fade] The Tajrish sthopping district is a delight ..."
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I watched this last night and loved it.

He's the kind of tourist I want to be. Unabashedly talking to the locals in a way to learn about them as much as he can, rather than being concerned about asking a question that's indelicate in their culture, and exploring without fear of, well, being a tourist.

Plus, the show was great. Most Americans know nothing of Iran besides what Bush says about them, and shows like this are great for reversing this perception.
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What does that mean?"

That Iranian airlines still include meals with the flight?
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Sounds great! Any way to watch outside of the U.S.?
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Thanks. I'd never heard of this guy before and after reading those blog entries I'm going to check this out as soon as possible (tonight at 2 AM). If only all television programming was this thoughtful...
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MetaFilter: Sounds great! Any way to watch outside of the U.S.?

(And, any way to watch outside of the U.S.?)
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What does that mean?

If everyone is potential hijacker, no one is a potential hijacker.

From time to time, I've mooted the 24/7 carrying of sawn off shotguns as mandatory for women in America, but oddly find few takers for the idea.
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Good fucking lord, he's horrible. I want to hurt him.
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