John Thurlow's Web Sites for Kids & Teachers
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John Thurlow's Web Sites for Kids & Teachers. The Thinking page of this treasure trove of kid-safe sites includes links that are also appropriate for adults who just like to play around, such as Funderstanding's Roller Coast Simulation, and Lightness Perception and Lightness Illusions.

(The "Thinking" page also links to Planarity, Thinking Machine 4, which makes visible the computer chess player's thought process, and Michael Bach's optical illusions, all of which have been previously posted at Mefi).
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This could benefit from some better presentation, but I can't fault his content. I'll be passing this along as I seem to have surrounded myself with teachers.
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I sell SMART boards and am an education specialist. Consequently I was excited to see this link. However, the following statement at the very beginning of the site is a tad unsettling ...

Welcome to John Thurlow's Web Sites for Kids & Teachers ... Children should never use the Internet without direct adult supervision

Seems a tad alarmist to me. But thanks for the link, there is some useful stuff there.
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