Online Scientology critic seeks political asylum in Canada
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Online Scientology critic seeks political asylum in Canada A couple of weeks ago computer engineer Keith Henson was found guilty in California of a criminal act related to posts he made in the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology, which contained obviously comical (all right, Sophomoric) references to targeting Scientologists with a nuclear missile.

The United States. Liberty and justice for all. Oh yeah, baby.
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remember kids, if you have enough money and power, the law means nothing.
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Amng the various cults, there is perhaps none so persistent in its use of lawyers and money to dump on their perceived enemies. They bought the anti-cult place up after they had forced it into bancruptcy (CAN)-cult awareness network) and use it for their own ends, an unwary public not aware of this. For info at a legitimate place try:
We are listed as

Leo J. Ryan Education Foundation
P.O.Box 700
Bridgeport, CT 06601-0700
Phone: 203 366 5500
Fax: 203 338 9738
I know some of the folks runnignthis spot and they are good people and honest. But of course the Moonies, for example, gave lots of money to the Bush family (daddy B) andso....
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In response to the Register's "calling Scientology a religion is like..." comment, Scientology actually is considered a religion by the federal government. A few years back they underwent what was apparently the most exhausting IRS audit in history, which concluded that the Church of Scientology (distinct from the religion, in the same way that you can be a Episcopaleon without giving offerings at church) was indeed just that: a church, not-for-profit, dedicated to practicing their religion. Whether you believe that or not is up to you (i do), but the point is that the government considers Scientology a religion, protectable under every law applicable to any other.
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Of course Scientology is a religion. Religions ARE cults. The only thing differentiating Catholics or Baptists from Scientology or Mormons is time (and not that much of it, in the grand scheme of things).
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rush: maybe it also degree- But that would take a little more in depth look at what they actually believe to decide.
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The Register is a British site. As far as I know, Scientology is not considered a religion in Britain. (This is, I believe because the Government does not think that it is the Government's job to decide these things.) I fully agree with The Register's comment. $cientology is a nasty, money-grabbing cult, and I think it's a shame that the US Constitution actually protects such organisations.
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Yeah, don't you just hate that whole "freedom from religious persecution" thing? So troublesome, being able to worship or believe whatever you want.

(But then again, that's the primary reason the people who founded America left Britain in the first place. Oh well.)
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The only thing differentiating Catholics or Baptists from Scientology or Mormons is time

And litigiousness. One might argue that other religions are better at persecuting their opponents, but none retain such influential legal counsel.
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I have found that in looking upon our race as a group, I find that the default function of our kind is cult like, in that we seek one man or one small group to dominate us and tell us what to do. It is this drive to feel less helpless that allows for the endless formation throughout time of mindless mobs, religions, govenments, etc.

Mind you, I did say it was the DEFAULT function, in the same way that when you get a brand new computer, all the settings are useless by design. It takes time and effort to find the proper ballance to all of your programs, and so it is with life. One must cultivate a personality instead of allowing a cult to make a personality for you.

Now say it with me: "We are all individuals".

No no, you in california, you said it wrong. Say it the same way everyone else is saying the same time...
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