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Accompanied by Aphex Twin's classic Selected Ambient Works II, we have the rarely-seen experimental video Stakker (Westworld) in nine parts: Z Twig / Radiator | Rhubarb | Hankie | Grass | White Blur | Parallel Stripes | Z Twig / Lichen | Blur | Match Sticks

Stakker (Westworld) was an experimental video published by the seminal IDM electronic music label Warp Records and made in the mid-1990s by Stakker, the pairing of video artists Mark McClean and Colin Scott who later collaborated with Brian Dougans of The Future Sound of London and Humanoid on the release Stakker Humanoid.
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It's a shame most people only know about 'Come to Daddy'.
Rhubarb is probably one of my favorite songs by him. Music like that can make you taste colors.
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"Blue Calx" is my favorite track from SAW II. I hadn't seen this video since 1997, so it's such a pleasure to find it on the web where everyone can get the chance to see it.
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Nice IDM historical document, but the videos haven't aged well at all. There is no synergy between the images and the music, neither in rythmn nor content.

The best way to put images to this sort of music is to listen to it in the dark in a quiet place.
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Beautiful music. Goon Gumpas is my favorite Aphex song (from the RDJ album). Sounds exactly llike frolicking in the snow on Boxing Day.

Avril 14th also mixes well with Lionel Ritchie.
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Is this something I'd have to be on LSD to understand?

Yes, yes it is.
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Kind of cool. This is the only Aphex Twin I was ever able to listen to and enjoy. I also don't like the guy personally. I saw him interviewed once and he sounded like a total douche. But you have to give him some credit for pushing the boundaries of the genre.
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Aphex Twin aka Richard D James is one of the few electronic artists I don't actively collect.

Not because I'm too hip. Because he scares me. The dude is a freak.
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He's got some hot bodies, though.
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I like Nannou a lot.
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SAW 2 is really the pinnacle of his work for me. Cliffs is probably my favorite.
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I barely ever listen to SAW2 any more. I think I've already listened to it too much. For instance, my reaction to

Cliffs is probably my favorite.

was to think "Oh which one is Cliffs?", click the link, wait until any sound started at all, and then immediately think "oh yeah, that one's my favorite too", and close the window.
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He gave me my username.
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Ohhh, this takes me back. I still have the vinyl, alas no record player. Thanks.
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I am dumb at 137am. I had no idea why the hell Saw 2 would have an aphex twin song in the middle of cutting out tongues and drilling into people's fingernails.

Or, what. Hold on, I'm on to something here.

(For the record, the whole album is really one of my staples, but Cliffs, Lichen, Z Twig are some of my favorites. I get so mad at people who only Richard da James for his ambient stuff. His cover of Raising the Titanic? Amazing.)
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Putting this (absolutely wicked) album against visuals defeats the purpose for me. Aphex Twin is an expert at creating auditory worlds that invoke a feeling of place/mood in a way that simply cannot be replicated in images.

It could be a personal thing as I've listened to this album a lot and have pretty strong mental images associated with all the songs though.
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Is this something I'd have to be on LSD to understand?

I don't think so. With Aphex Twin or especially Boards of Canada, I don't have to take acid to experience synaesthesia because the music is in itself synaesthetic- "Julie and Candy" sounds ultraviolet, for example, while "'84 Pontiac Dream" smells like dirt in the springtime. To be honest, listening to this kind of music while tripping can be too much, so i've heard.
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SAW II and Autechre’s Tri Repetae are far and away my favorite IDM albums. I listen to them more than anything else (except perhaps Eno’s Another Green World) in my iTunes library.
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OMG. I have wanted to see this in its entirety for probably 10+ years. Thank you so much for this.
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I can honestly say that SAW II is my favorite album of all time. It also changed my approach to making music as well. I'm glad other people are showing their love for it here too.

Autechre's Tri Repetae++ is up there as well. The second disc is full of awesome sauce.
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The thing that I find really interesting about Autechre is how little of a consensus there is about what their best album is.

Chiastic Slide is the best one, though
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Thanks for the memories.

And for those still tracking Aphex's newer stuff: in just the last few days there have been plausible, but as-of-yet unconfirmed rumors popping up on message boards of a new AFX album at the end of March, which will be released for catalog no.200 of the Rephlex label.
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Chiastic Slide is the best one

I agree.

Did anyone else spend the mid to late 1990s chasing down rare or expensive Aphex Twin and Autechre releases (often available stateside for a short time), only to see them all re-released early in this decade for $15-20?

I'm looking at you, SAW 85-92 and Anti EP.
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We played Stakker Humanoid this autumn at my wedding.
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Chiastic Slide is the best one, though.

Cipater's pretty great, but (except for Pencha which kind of annoys me) Chiclisuite >> Chiastic.
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I feel old

and privileged
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I still think I Care Because You Do may be one of the more romantic albums I own.
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Did anyone else spend the mid to late 1990s chasing down rare or expensive Aphex Twin and Autechre releases

I spent the mid - late 90's selling off my rare Aphex Twin & Autechre (and KLF) vinyl for absurdly high prices on ebay. Sometimes a couple of singles were good for a month's rent.

Also, Amber is the best Autechre album.

One of my fondest Aphex Twin memories is listening to SAW 2 when it was newly released with a new girlfriend, heavily stoned, and deciding that one of the tracks was definitely about an ancient, immense jailhouse that had been abandoned long ago and was now a nesting place for pterodactyls. It really seemed quite obvious at the time.

I don't like watching music videos.
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Me and my friends used to go out to the desert. After collecting and ingesting some of the endemic fruits and watching the fantastic sunsets, we'd lay on our backs on the nice warm sand, and stare at the billions of stars. This album (Rhubarb is also my fave) was a regular soundtrack as well as Autechre's Tri Repetae++, the KLF's Chill Out (those pedal steel samples!) and Skylab's #1.

I also feel old and privileged.

I just got goosebumps!

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Rhubarb and Lichen are my favorite songs on SAW2 and I think Amber is also my favorite Autechre album.. I have to get those cds out now.
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I'm at work so I can't watch the videos, but this entire thread is bringing back some awesome memories. Thanks y'all!
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The pre-Bleep days were good for speculators. But it sure is nice to have vinyl in one's hands.
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I started tracking down the work of RDJ and Autechre in 1997... and I haven't stopped. Mind you... I have not the luxury of vinyl... but I takes what I can gets. I'm also a huge Boards of Canada fan... and find that it's the music that was in my head as a child all along... and that it really does make life better.

No... drugs are not required to enjoy music such as this. It... just seems like it's part of some of us.... a very small number of us.
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Thanks! I didn't realize these were all a joined piece.

OrangeDrink - that is a wonderful piece. I still haven't heard the original for comparison, and I really want to know what he started from, as he can do weird things to familiar sounds (see: 26 mixes for cash).

wastelands - I think he's fairly reclusive, and doesn't like interviews. I've heard one where he seems to just not enjoy being interviewed, but discusses some of his views on live electronic music and the like. But maybe I'm a bit of a fanboy.

loquacious - yeah, he's kind of intense. Plus, he owns a tank.
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I remember renting the 1984 rerelease of Metropolis without realizing the musical travesty that I was in for. So I turned the sound off and put on SAW II. Worked a treat.
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Just wanted to add that I find Lichen to be one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. That's all. And agree that SAW II is my favorite of his work.
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I keep wanting to like Aphex Twin... and I keep coming back to it every now and again. But it's never something I want to listen to a lot. I think it's because deep down I want my electronica to be all intellectual when in actually I prefer it all thuggish.

Stakker Humanoid
is a stone cold classic though
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