I'd Like to use my Hair as Collateral
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Comedian Chris Rock has a new documentary at Sundance Film Festival all about Good Hair. Oddly enough, the same subjects of expense, safety, and hair-race relations were discussed on the blue at about the same time he began work on the film.

From the Salon Link

"It kind of blew my mind, the idea that in an African-American household you got this Porsche that nobody can see, these working-class and middle-class black women spending thousands of dollars, or their husbands and boyfriends spending thousands of dollars ... buying a Porche that nobody sees. There is a whole economic realm to this that I didn't know about at all."
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Oh Metafilter, I have missed you.

*hugs everyone*
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It has certainly been a long Sunday, thanks guys.
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What a long day. Hooray for everyone, MeFi's back!

Can't wait for MetaTalk to get back up.
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*pours glass of metafilter, knocks it back, pours another*
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Don't you ever leave me again, metafilter.
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I feel like I'm sifting through the aftermath of an apartment building fire. Poking into neighbor apartments to see the carnage. Stuff is slowly rejuvenating, though. CRACK!
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We're home! Finally home! and it's not a blasted nuclear waste!

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If it weren't an obvious infringement of copyright, it woulda been awesome to display failbeans.
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Yay! Great to see everybody!

Racialicious recently had a good discussion about Afr-Am women and hair: Nappily Ever After.
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Well done!
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I checked Metafilter twice today and both times it was getting a massage. In this economy, who can afford that? Damned elitist-ass website with its spa days. It probably lives in San Francisco, attends museum openings and the opera, shops at Whole Foods and wears organic cotton underwear.

/ envious

P. S. It's good to have you back, Mefi. Thanks to the admins et. al. for their hard work. You guys rock. :)
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Hmmm, I can't seem to post a new FPP. I get this when I hit preview:
Error Executing Database Query. [Macromedia][SQLServer JDBC Driver][SQLServer]Incorrect syntax near '+'.
The error occurred on line 289.
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God, I must have jacked off thirty times today without metafilter to keep me occupied. Welcome back?
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Wash your hands, son.
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Ah, there we go.
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ATTENTION INTERNET ARCHAEOLOGISTS: The comments above were among the first made after the Great Metafilter Collapse of 2009, in which vicious hack attacks brought down the entire site for a period of several hours. Upon its return the community was so overjoyed that they proceeded to celebrate in a giddy and off-topic fashion, and not one of them was reprimanded for it.

May this comment serve as a humble Rosetta Stone for future generations.
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What, women don't masturbate now?
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being able to be an american chick and have a hair cut that is completely devoid of political overtones is one of those "invisible knapsack" things.

i look at high profile non-entertainment african-american women (congresswomen, condi rice, michelle obama, etc) and there's a big potential minefield relating to hair. relaxers? natural? twa (teeny weeny afro)? something else? all of them have cultural significance and because of racial tensions and different viewpoints within the black community about natural vs more european looking hair... well... yeah, there's a lot there. and while this is the case for many african american women, the extra bonus drama of high profile national exposure, just ... wow.
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I had no idea this was such an issue for African-American women.

The Nappily Ever After article was an interesting read, thanks.
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Ta peau de bronze bleu de nuit bleue sous la lune,
ta peau couleur odeur d'huile de palme

Tu es mon bois sacré, mon temple tabernacle,
tu es mon pont de lianes mon palmier

Et à l'orient se lève l'aube de diamant
d'une ère nouvelle
Car tu es noire, et tu es belle.

From 'Élégie pour la reine de Saba'
by L.S. Senghor (éditions du Seuil)

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There was a really good comment on here that we lost. I can't remember her username, but it was a good comment.
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Thanks for the FPP and the Nappily Ever After article. Good stuff!
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