Google maps no longer showing pixel-veil over the VP's residence.
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Change has come to Google Maps. The Cheney veil of pixels is gone from the Vice President's residence at the Naval Observatory. But don't look for sat photos to show you whatever it was that happened beneath the house.
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Well, now we know where the bodies are buried.
posted by sixswitch at 8:45 AM on January 26, 2009

You mean the bleached bones. Cheney has to be fed.
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Who cares, amirite?
posted by Plutor at 8:53 AM on January 26, 2009

What's he building in there?
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I wonder if the construction is related to the U.S. spy tunnels near the Russian embassy down the street. {removes tinfoilhat}.

BTW did you hear about how Cheney left the place?
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Fitting he would live on Observatory Hill, truely the man behind the curtain in the land of Oz.
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I just figured that excavation was to construct an easy-access Doorway to Hell for Cheney's convenience...
posted by Ron Thanagar at 9:25 AM on January 26, 2009

The pictures were blurry because the whole place was vibrating. There's nothing that keeps a man's spirits high like puppies and dynamite twice a day.
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Joseph Rieser, who lives half a block off Observatory Circle, said each blast was “almost like thunder because it rolls and it lasts a noticeable period, probably several seconds.” He said the explosions rattle windows that aren’t shut tight.

Look, pal. You try to build a Hellmouth with a jackhammer and see how far you get, OK?
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So that's what a nondisclosed location looks like.
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If I understand correctly the Observatory has been the place for the vice-president since 1974.
I'm sure Biden will enjoy having his own secret underground lair as well. After all he also once was a boy...
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exogenous, don't get rid of that hat yet. Seriously.
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Man-sized safes. Man-sized safes.
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You hear about this and you want it to be something cool, like construction of a super-bunker to house the Iraqi gold that Cheney needs to bath in to live or something. But when the full disclosure finally reveals the truth in a couple of decades, it will turn out to be something really mundane, like it's nothing more than a pit that he would toss puppies strapped with C-4 into.

Just, you know... to relax.
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Google sometimes is just great company. Community beneficial. And has many great services and software. Unlike MS......
posted by Leo Golan at 10:19 AM on January 26, 2009

Please guys, remember this man is confined to a wheelchair and wears glasses.
posted by sgt.serenity at 10:29 AM on January 26, 2009 of a super-bunker to house the Iraqi gold that Cheney needs to bath in to live...

Seems like building that in a temporary residence is a bad idea. My no-foolin' idea is: The situation room/command bunker that the President has to have to run things. Because make no mistake, we just saw the end of the Cheney/Bush Administration, not the Bush/Cheney one.
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Cheney has pretty bad gas, shhh don't tell anyone.
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What I would like to see on Google Maps -- just for one day -- would be this:

A super-extreme-closeup shot of the Vice Presidential residence, focusing on the back lawn perhaps; showing that a crowd has gathered there, and each and every member of this crowd is mooning the Google satellite camera.

And the image is clear enough to enable you to read that across however many bare buttocks you see in that image, there is written the message: "Fuck off, Dick Cheney, you Fucking Fuck."

....Just for one day. That's all I ask.
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I vote it was an underground bunker in case of a nuclear retaliation. Who knows how close we came to actually attacking Iran, for example.
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I sort of hate how Bush steals all the credit/extremelynegativeratings for their hijinks, over the last couple years. If you look into their eyes, Bush is sort of blank, easy to manipulate. Cheney's eyes are dark, beady, and rabid.
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It seems fitting that Cheney would live in a house with no exterior doorknobs.
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Underground submarine base.
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The White House has an underground bunker called the PEOC. Cheney just got jealous and demanded his own.
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When you look at Dick Cheny's political carrer, you notice that he keeps turning up inside or connected to the worst moments of the U.S Government. He's like Evil Forrest Gump.
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A while back there was an article that ran in the Post about a building that was abruptly erected in East Potomac Park, allegedly by the Navy as part of some secret project.

I wonder if the blasting has anything to do with it. I've never heard anything more about the building in the park (you can see it from the Yellow Line metro, it's now a fairly permanent-looking steel structure).

Maybe a secret escape tunnel? Some way to get to a boat waiting on the river? Doesn't seem like the most efficient escape plan, but maybe they wanted something you could use when flying is for some reason not an option.
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