The Wizard of Wood
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Portuguese carpenter Carlos Alberto is a wizard with wood. His modified Vespa Daniela is a thing of beauty, and the Mota is pretty damned cool as well. Would love to see him panel a Rolls Royce or a Bentley.
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Okay, that's just bad-ass right there. Vespa should put out a limited edition. And then give me one for free for suggesting such a bold new marketing initative.
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Wow, really awesome.
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I'd love to see him panel my '97 Hyundai Elantra.
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Their both cool. Woods kind of heavy, a bamboo motorcycle might be more practical.
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Bamboo is difficult to bend without splitting. You can steam bend wood, but bamboo will crimp, or so I've read.
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Holy crap, it actually runs.
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OK, I'll admit it .. I drooled. I so want one now :D
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I've been getting pretty strongly into carpentry lately, and this man just makes me burn with admiration. Amazing stuff.
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Beautiful. You'd hate to get it wet, though.
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If the wood is properly treated with sealer and varnish, getting it wet shouldn't be a major issue. Plenty of wooden things--houses, sheds, outdoor furniture--get wet all the time. Getting it broken is a whole other problem, and I wonder about the safety features of it, especially flammability and charring of wood that's so near a very hot engine.
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This project reminds me of the kind of projects that are published in West System's Epoxyworks magazine. I signed up for a free subscription to the glossy paper version some years ago, but I see that it's available online now.

Mostly devoted to wood boat building and repair, they also include unusual and artistic projects as well. Highly recommended.

I have a funny feeling that consumer grade epoxy is going to go the way of the mercury thermometer, due to the resin being mostly Bisphenol A. Thankfully there are other effective adhesives available.
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Wood isn't always heavy.. a well made cedar strip canoe at 16 feet can weigh in at 50 lbs... and that's a lot more wood than is used in that vespa..

waterproofing isn't an issue either... remember... boats are often made of wood....

I would buy this and let it sit in my livingroom!
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Cool! This should have been titled, "Meet the Flintstones!" in Portuguese.
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...wizard with wood.
Huh, huh. You said...
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