May 21, 2001
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It says "Nobody Here" but someone's obviously spent quite some time on this site. Just look at the 404 page. (via methylsalicylate)
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this is awesome flash. understated. great stuff.
posted by ewwgene at 8:23 PM on May 21, 2001

Wow. Like superbad, but classy.
posted by chino at 9:14 PM on May 21, 2001

That is not Flash. It's an animated GIF. :) And if one wanted to make an animated GIF that was as small as possible, you'd do just what this guy did -- make it a silhouette.
posted by kindall at 10:54 PM on May 21, 2001

the main index thing is indeed flash, yo.
posted by timb at 9:47 AM on May 22, 2001

I love the "nose" page. Never thought I'd do that over the web.
posted by straight at 10:11 AM on May 22, 2001

Well, there went all of my great "reinventing my site" ideas.
posted by Dreama at 12:05 PM on May 22, 2001

Click the box, click the moth a lot. Best ever.
posted by jennyb at 12:12 PM on May 22, 2001

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