More Photos of London From Above, at Night
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Very cool, but unfortunately a number of these are post-processed in an HDR-ish fashion. HDR makes me sad.
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love them. glad to see more.

thanks for this.
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Amazing. There was another photo page that blew my mind a couple weeks ago. They really have their stuff together.
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beautiful beautiful
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Very beautiful.

It's too bad that so many of the shots featured the London Eye: I get reflexively ill every time I see a picture of it, in memory of how vilely, vilely nauseous I was on that thing (apparently going slowly really messes with the eye/ear perception of things).

Otherwise, a good round of pics from a perspective that we don't see enough of.
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Jason shot these images with a camera attached to gyro-stabilized mounts from a Eurocopter AS355, hired out at around £1150 (GBP) per hour

Dude's hanging out of a helicopter!
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That was frigging gorgeous. Makes me want to live there. Dangerous thought.
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Hmmm, great photos. But is someone going to post a link to every Boston Globe Big Picture blog entry? They are great and all - which is why I subscribed to their RSS feed when the blog was first featured here last year.
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How the hell did he pull that off? Are gyros really that stable & responsive? I'm guessing they're either long shutter time shots, or he went the HDR route; in either case, how do you keep the camera so stable?
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Ha! My comment above is almost identical to Mach5's in the previously link. Apparently gyros are that stable.
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Excellent pictures. Good primer for me as I'll be there tomorrow. Have I recently ranted breathlessly about how much I love London? I'm pretty sure I have.
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Yes, London. You know - fish, chips, cup o' tea, bad food, worse weather, Mary fucking Poppins, LONDON!

Apparently Avi never saw these pics. Sweet stuff.
(I've only ever seen it from the ground near Gatwick, trying not to get killed crossing streets - look left, right, cross, whoa! Wait, back to curb, try again.. okay look left, right, dammit, starting over..)
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London is a magnificent city. I've lived in Manhattan but London really is something else.

Like the last set of photos I believe, there's still an excessive focus on the financial/business parts of town but that may be because, at night, thats where all the tall well lit buildings are.

I work pretty much where he took Picture #7. That round dark thing on the lower right is actually a small patch of greenery. There aren't many other parks in this part of town so, during the summer, all the City workers completely fill this little square, sitting pretty much back-to-back, staking out a piece of park.
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Does the Boston Globe employ a proofreader, I wonder?

Great photos, but I agree he does focus on the City of London a bit too much. Presumably because they are tall buildings but also because so many of the offices LEAVE THEIR BLOODY LIGHTS ON ALL NIGHT.

Chinatown and Soho from the air must look quite good. A pity he didn't get a decent overhead shot of them. Also, he missed out London's prettiest bridge, possibly because it has the rather dark and unphotogenic Battersea Park next to it, although it does have the rather cool Albion Riverside building nearby.
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These are gorgeous. The thing is, though, that one or two of them goes a long way. I was really impressed by the first couple, and then bored by the end.
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These are screenshots from the next SimCity, no?
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Neat. In this one, see the lighted storefront near the upper right corner, just past the bus stop? That's a pub. I had lunch there last year. Just wanted to share. (It's not a great pub. More of a leech off the tourists around Trafalgar Square kind of place. Still, we had a hungry toddler and it was in the right place at the right time, so I retain some affection for it.)
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These are beautiful, thanks.

I find it a little bit funny that these amazing pictures of London are from Heh. Anyone hanging over Boston in a helicopter want to post pictures on, I dunno, The Guardian or something? We should strive to achieve universal balance!
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On the same tangent, city lights at night. (video and sound)
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Lovely, thanks. I love London, that's why I live here.
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I wouldn't be shocked to hear that these were shot w/o any major post-processing using one of the latest sensors. The ability to pick up detail in low light w/ the latest nikon/canon pro gear is kinda astounding. Witness:
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