The Motorots are attacking Zantoo!
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Invasion of the Big Robots! Say what you will about the decline of Garfield, but he had his brighter moments, like the time he woke up in the wrong cartoon and had to fight the big robots. Garfield and Friends writer Mark Evanier tells the story behind this budget-busting episode. [Previously]

Says Mark: "As it turned out, it was a good investment. When the network people saw the storyboard, they thought the episode was so clever that they gave the series an early pick-up for the following season. That saved the studio a lot of money...way more than the overage on this cartoon. Sometimes, it's cost-effective to spend money."
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"He's not so cute, how'd he get his own show?"

One reason Evanier's blog has been part of my websurfing habits for most of this millennium.

But if he were REALLY smart, he'd have come up with "Garfield Minus Garfiled" 20 years ago.
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Speaking of Lorenzo Music, why are there no bootleg copies of the Carlton, Your Doorman cartoon on the youtubes?
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That's it, keep the Garfield posts coming.
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