Playing him out.
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Henry Hey's new Bush Song. (SLYTP; previously; via waxy.)

Bonus link: download the mp4. Bonus tune: McCain&Palin Song.
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posted by evil_esto at 3:17 AM on January 30, 2009

I was expecting a further attempt along the lines of the Right Brothers' fine work.
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I'd still vote for Obama
posted by Catblack at 3:42 AM on January 30, 2009

Gavin Rossdale's post-grunge projects are getting more and more obtuse.
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The Palin song is still the best of the bunch, in my mind. Perhaps there should be a Henryhey Quotient, to quantify the inverse relationship between the intelligence and lyrical nature of a Republican's speech patterns. The higher the HQ, the dumber the pol.
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Hey Ya!
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Damn, but it's fun when the music kicks in and we finally get some sense of what the lyrics were saying.
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Watching this and the Palin one again, I'm wondering if you took their voices out, and left just the music, would you be able to play it on lite jazz radio without anyone being the wiser? (I was thinking the music might be very suitable for segue-ing in and out of NPR news stories.)
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I am still partial to JayZ's, "99 Problems but a Bush ain't one" (SYTL)
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MP4? Surely this is a typo.

Or are you too good for old-fashioned mp3s?
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Artists Ought to Be Writing
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MP4? Surely this is a typo.

Erm, video killed the radio star? It's the youtube video, downloaded to your desktop as a .mp4 video file. (It's h.264 video and AAC audio, inside.)
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(oh, and: roll truck roll? earnest, but very similarly cool, thx for that.)
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I searched the tubes in vain for one of Henry's previous opuses, his accompaniment to the famous Steven Thrasher "HELPDESK" phone call that made the rounds a few years ago.
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