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Prince of Persia 1985!

Jordan Mechner has a some interesting stuff on his Blog.
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Heh. At first I thought the kids did a really good imitation of the game then I realized what "reference" meant.
posted by GuyZero at 3:51 PM on January 30, 2009

There's a weird double-interlaced frame of a face and a videogame scene between the jump-off-the-wall and the run-and-slide, if you pause and scroll you can see it.

Oddly I wasn't blown away until that little step-step landing after the long jump. That blew my mind.
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I lost my coffee at the same point Skorgu did. Until then I didn't recognize the 'animation'.
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That is so cool!

I'd heard before that the animations were based off a video of his brother, but I never thought I'd actually get to see it.

Also, I now can't help but read your post in a hammy Italian accent.
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I'll be he went on to become an international parkour star.
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This is so. Awesome.
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Filthy light thief, I think that would basically have been drawn pixel by pixel. Possibly with some automatic flood fills and two-colour gradients (See Deluxe Paint). But even the gradient in the sky looks hand-drawn.

Picture a similar image, but drawn to today's standards of resolution and detail. I imagine it would still take at least that long. And obviously the 29 hours includes any elements that were worked on but ultimately discarded.
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Where's the reference of him falling on spikes?
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I was a more productive pixel-pusher in Studio/8 than I am now in PS CS4. Just sayin'.

Memories are dimming but I think Studio/8 was out by March 1989 (the Mac II had been out for ~2 years already).

Oh yes, there will a FPP from me on this Mac II anniversary, my pretties.
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Here's the 1988 reference video for the sword scenes. This was filmed at Brøderbund by my friend Robert Cook.

Trivia - Jordan's brother David is a very good Go player.
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Really cool. But that concrete looks painful.
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Huh, I met Jordan's sister when she was in medical school, and she claimed that she had been the source of some of the animation for Karateka. Really.
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Whoa, this brought back memories. Had this game on my Tandy 1000 I bought from an ex-bf back in 1991.
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She claimed that she had been the source of some of the animation for Karateka.

So... she stood still, batted her eyelashes and then got swept away to the next level? Over and over and over again?
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This game was extremely attractive. I didn't know these videos existed but I'm not at all surprised that those gorgeous animations were drawn from life.
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Incredible. I played the hell out of the game on my Apple II back in the day.
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