variations on a theme of feeling good
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Feeling Good by Nina Simone with a video by mrfnk l Feeling Good by Gilbert Price, age 23, who sang it first as a spiritual. More info on joannao's blogspot l Feeling Good by Muse l Feeling Good by My Brightest Diamond.
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Six Feet Under promo using the Nina Simone version.
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(I wish I could contribute a constructive, intriguing comment but I'm a relatively petty person. ) Matt Bellamy has always been strangely attractive to me, even though part of me has to admit he's kind of trollish. But that sexy troll under the bridge who is into conspiracy theories and plays guitar for you.
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One never needs to be sorry when all you have to say is in praise of Matt Bellamy. Talent is an enormous aphrodisiac and the man has it in spades. It helps too that he's actually a reasonably personable fellow and has always been relaxed and approachable, on the few times our paths have crossed. And it helps that his dad was in The Tornados...
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Poi Dog Pondering remix in honor of the Obama inauguration. (NSFW unless you work with naked Nina Simones)
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Well, that was lovely to wake up to! In Nina's recording you can hear what amazing control she has over he voice, the gradual ramping up of intensity and force is lovely.

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Any post with Nina is a great post. I was feeling a little down on myself when I got up today but after listening to this song I feel recharged. It's a new dawn. Now I think I will indulge myself in listening to the other versions you posted. Thanks so much nickyskye.
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Theatrically, "Feeling Good" makes no damned sense. If you've ever seen the show, what happens is that all of a sudden the action stops, and this black guy comes out and sings this inspirational song, and then disappears -- and the song's great and it "stops the show", but not necessarily in a good way. The character is kind of "magic negro", who creates one magic moment and disappears. A really screwy interpolation, that you can't help thinking that Newly and Bircusse just stuffed in at the last moment to make their show "relevant."
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(see above) Not that it isn't a great song. Anthony Newly was a wonderful singer and composer (and a major influence on the not nearly as talented David Bowie. In fact, you really can't understand Bowie without appreciating Newly).
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Nina Simone's mastery of that song is so total, you'd think no one would ever dare sing it outside of their own shower. But the song is so good that it's impossible to resist. Anyway some people just don't seem to know when they've been beaten.
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That was really good. I've only ever heard the Muse version (one of my favorites from my favorite band, and it's extra good live), but the Nina Simone version is now my favorite one.
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I wish I could have unheard that, Horace Rumpole.
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My work here is done.
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I'm gaga for mrfnk's video. Does anyone else like it?
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It's very good indeed. It reminds me a lot of this Pulp Fiction video (NSFW). Anybody know if it's the same guy?
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oh yay Horace Rumpole, glad you liked it too.
mrfnk, according to the end of his Nina Simone video, made it at the Tamara Gildengers Connolly School of Visual Arts for the Just Type class. It was a class project.
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Muse plays that god forsaken song at every live show.

I used to love it, but somehow it has slowly lost it's catchy visceral appeal as time has gone on.

Still Muse though, so still amazing.
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This is why I come to metafilter. I hadn't heard any of these and loved them all. Thanks Nicky.
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Jean DuShon and Rachel Hylton are feeling good.
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One of my favorite songs. I was half-tempted to slam my head down, ear first, on a restaurant receipt spike mid-Pussycat Dolls version, though. Leaving the optic nerves intact, of course. As for the Muse version ... I really like Muse. And my affection for the song is noted. But I really don't think their cover is really all that good.
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