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A sampling from John Moschitta Jr.'s oeuvre: Minute RiceNorthern Exposure Series RecapThe Theory of Evolution in One Minute • As "Blurr" on Transformers • As Supersonic Seymour on Garfield and Friends • On Sesame Street: 1 2 • As the Micro Machines guy: 1 2 • And the role that catapulted him to fame
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I loved Northern Exposure. It could be uneven, but when it was good, it was really, really good. Don't buy the dvd's though, they don't have the original music on them. Total rip-off. The music was one of the stars of that show.
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As a kid, Mr. Moschitta's talent really impressed me. I was often wailed at for speaking too quickly, so he became a hero of sorts. My desire to become involved in voice acting is partly inspired by him, even. It's neat to see all of these notable bits of his work in one place. Thanks, not_on_display.
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I used to think Moschitta was the guy who did Speed Reader on The Great Space Coaster.
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Mochitta was also known as the MicroMachines Man; in 2007, he engaged in a bit of self-parody for a pizza delivery company.
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Jeez... the Fed Ex commercial is by far the most impressive! "dick-wants-a-deal-with-the-deal-is-it-a-deal-good-don-it's-a-deal-with-dick-dan-and-dave etc etc etc"

What a talent
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I was a total Micro Machine addict. Both of those ads were burned into my brain as a child, and I haven't seen them in probably about 20 years. Wow. Especially ad #2 - I had that playset, and it was the frickin' bomb. I literally got chills when watching that ad - I'd totally forgotten that piece of my childhood. Thank you, thank you!
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I'll always remember him as Mr. George "Terrible" Testaverde, so named because he made test preparation a near impossibility by rapid fire spitting his notes and lessons at the students so that note taking became a ridiculous tableau of ambidextrous displays and friction burns from pencil on paper on the part of the students. In retrospect, a near criminal act of wanton disregard for student well being in favor of the sadistic glee of never letting his students be good enough. It was an understated, but powerful performance of a defeated man who holds on to the illusary power he has, having been crushed by the world of public school teaching in southern California.

I could go on about his plumbing hobby, but its too disturbing..
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Oh wait, I forgot to mention this was on Saved By The Bell.
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mediocre: Oh wait, I forgot to mention this was on Saved By The Bell.

My son has the same name as one of the characters from Saved By The Bell's first season. He was subsequently replaced. The character, not my son.

What, Screech got hit by lightning?!

Heyyy wait, you're the Punch'em in the Dick guy...
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