What a crate idea
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For the last few years across Melbourne a mysterious, box like man has been appearing. He is known as crate man. He has appeared sitting atop factories, climbing into the city, on cranes, in the city and again, taking a smoke, being crucified, on factories, climbing around and occasionally just having a hard time. Currently he is just hanging out in Yarraville having a brew Via Melbourne in photos and The Wooster collective
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Just for fun, let's have some unassuming Aussie bring Crate Man to Logan Airport in Boston.
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More photos from faecesbook.
posted by sien at 7:05 PM on February 1, 2009

Just by way of comparison: have the appearances of Crate Man sparked terrorism panics?

Because if not, that would be more evidence that we suck.
posted by Joe Beese at 7:09 PM on February 1, 2009

Thanks, this is a crate post!
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For sure, if I were planning a terrorist attack (I might be, or perhaps I'm not) I would DEFINATELY need upwards of 38 magnetic signs depicting cartoon characters to.... um.... um...
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More photos from faecesbook.

I see what you did there.
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Crateman doesn't flash menacingly. Street art + electronics = DANGER!

I blame the decline of vinyl for the incline of this creative re-use of crates.
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On the way to build another one.
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Goddamn illegal immigrants!
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Is that an Afro hair style for the smoking one? Damn!
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Crateman seems to get an erection when he's near barbed wire. Even box people have their kinks.

in case that second example won't resolve as a direct link, it's currently the first photo on this page.
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zouhair, I thought it was maybe a cowboy hat... like a Marlborough man kind of thing.
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I ahd no idea - I'd only seen smoking crate man (in kensington, visible from the train) and assumed it was a once-off.

Thanks sien.
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a mysterious, box like man

You mean plastic crates?
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Oh! I saw Crate Man when I was on the train coming back from Geelong to Melbourne a few months ago. Totally made my train trip! I didn't realise he was in a few places.
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this is ace.

saw these near work ages ago and wanted to take some pics but some bastard took them down before I could :|
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Wow. The creator(s) appear to really be quite prolific. I'd amazed they've managed to get away with doing this anonymously so long and so frequently. Wow.
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The Box Man, an adaptation from Kobo Abe's wonderful novella.
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I feel comforted by Crate Man and wish he could come to my village.
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Crateman is on the move and has been spotted in Canberra
posted by girlgenius at 8:42 PM on February 10, 2009

There is a crateman site that somehow I missed. It has a few more photos and links.
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