Dear Sweet Crap I Suck At This Game
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Fire up your NES emulator and get ready to ROCK, chiptune-style. 4 whole songs! It's D-Pad Hero.

The controls are pretty visually explicit, but if you don't get it:
If a circle comes down the left channel, hit the A button as it crosses the line (ala guitar hero). Ditto right channel, B button. If the circle has an arrow in it, hold that direction on the d-pad (or keyboard) while pressing the button.

This game causes severe left-brain right-brain confusion, and don't be ashamed if you fail horribly at first. Also, it may cause you to unlearn how to play Dance Dance Revolution.
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You weren't kidding about the left-right confusing thing. Geez. I'm pretty good at Dance Dance Revolution so I figured my fingers could handle it, but MAN.

Awesome find though!
posted by Phire at 1:47 AM on February 2, 2009

Seconding Phire. I'm usually pretty good at DDR and Beatmania and all those other games, but this one is really hard. Thanks!
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It's not so bad with a controller, I just got the silver medal on Sweet Child of Mine using my USB SNES pad. I was expecting just novelty, but this game is actually really really fun. Like a combination of Rock Band and Street Fighter.
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Holy hell that's hard. Really neat, though.
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I'm at work so I can't check this out, but you're saying the default controls are B button for right and A button for left? Well, yeah, that'll cause some left-right confusion. Why on earth would they code it like that? That'd be like turning a steering wheel couterclockwise to turn the wheels right. If it's really a problem, go into the control setting on your emulator and remap the suckers.
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the way my keyboard is set up, there isn't any left right confusion other than my brain trying to frantically figure out which way the arrows (which all look the same) are pointing

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Hey Liver, check this out
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Yep, that's a picture of an NES controller. No doubt. Still wondering why they'd code it so that you hit B for the right channel and A for left.
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Who though that the original nintendo was dead? Just listening to the video on their website brought memories racing back to me with the sound of 8 bit. This is a beautiful thing and I cannot wait to upload this to my emulator, hosted on my original XBOX in the living room. God I love technology.
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I've tried this on the FCEUGX from the Wii's Homebrew Channel, works like a charm and lets you play with an actual control pad. Great post.
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I got a B on Sweet Child of Mine and The Way You Make Me Feel, and am inordinately proud of that. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger is still way out of my league.
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Liver: My post is wrong, it's B for left and A for right. I doubt a mod is going to change it now, though.
posted by tehloki at 10:11 PM on February 3, 2009

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