Crazy Bout A Mercury
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Obama reverses Bush administration on mercury pollution standards. With all the focus understandably being on the global financial crisis lately, it can be easy to forget that President Obama has other problems to contend with. But then, as other's are quick to point out, the unfortunate thing is it's all interrelated. (Newsfilter)

In light of recent news about mercury being detected in the ubiquitous and controversial processed food product high-fructose corn syrup--not to mention those skeptically received accounts of actor Jeremy Pivens' mercury-related health woes--this new policy step seems especially timely.
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damn. "other's" --> "others"
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I don't see why we should be polluting Mercury when Mars is substantially closer.
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And there's the mostly overlooked problem with mercury switches. Good for Obama on this.
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"It is imperative that we get this decision right, and base it on the best available science and a thorough understanding of the law." - Lisa Jackson

Wha? Science and Law? Being supported, not avoided? Has the era of conveniently not opening email come to an end? Fantastic news!
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I had no idea traces of mercury was found in HFCS. Yikes.

From the Washington Post link:

"On average, Americans consume about 12 teaspoons per day of HFCS, but teens and other high consumers can take in 80 percent more HFCS than average."

(In high-pitched voice:) Really?
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I heard something about this HFCS and avoided reading it, that stuff is in everything, this is scary, to say the least. That WaPo link is interesting. I guess the question now is, how do you avoid such things without going broke.

In addition, from the WaPo story, But an organization representing the refiners is disputing the results published in Environmental Health.

Of course they are, they have a clear stake in this. They called the information used in the study "outdated" and "dubious". Someone isn't being honest, but who?

Sidenote: How long before Coca-Cola causes autism? Bets? Anyone?
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JCIFA: A counterpoint on mercury in corn syrup: "The tap water you use to make your oatmeal might have more mercury than the oatmeal itself."
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This is a refreshing change from the previous administration.
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yeah mercury is everywhere, even pre-industrial there is a natural low level of mercury in the environment, our cavemen fathers had mercury.

The HFCS/Mercury study was done by the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, which can be read about here. I'll wait to here from more neutral sources on this. It's telling through the HFCS industry itself has admited there is (or used to be) mercury in their product and they knew about it.
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Obama points out yet another policy that is not his bitch.
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It can, in fact, acquire its own damned fries.
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Good. This will, I hope, force the it isn't "clean" coal not by a long shot industry deal with the mercury problems, which are way more threatening to the health of citizens than the overhyped concerns about CO2 release.

Yes, global climate change is a problem. But it's also inevitable and unstoppable. Poisoning one's citizens by allowing coal burners to release mercury into our environment, however, is not inevitable nor unstoppable.

Those who are against coal burning plants would find their message is one heck of a lot more powerful if the focus on the mercury problem instead of the CO2 problem.
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