May 25, 2001
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Welcome back. Did you find interesting sites while you couldn't use Metafilter? I happened upon and its galleries.
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Let's see.. Interesting sites?

Angela Gunn made a good point yesterday that sometimes if a magazine's readership is below the curve of intelligence, drastic action must be taken. Even if it's Sports Illustrated.

My favorite band is breaking up. I miss them already. I cringed at Ira Glass. I got drunk. I got drunk again. I admired the beauty, talent and intelligence of some very special women. Smart is sexy by the way...

But I can't think of anything especially interesting, no.
posted by ZachsMind at 1:29 AM on May 25, 2001

I admired the beauty, talent and intelligence of some very special women.
I'd stop coming here if this place wasn't so funny.
posted by holloway at 4:32 AM on May 25, 2001

What, no explanation about why the site was down? Anybody want to fill me in? Was it a shot across the bow by Matt because of the Kaycee thing?
posted by republican at 6:27 AM on May 25, 2001

What, no explanation about why the site was down?

From the commented text of Matt

The Pyra office bandwidth seems to be down, so my site, metafilter, and many others are offline. It looks like a router problem upstream. It happens.
posted by holloway at 6:37 AM on May 25, 2001

Zachminds, what caused you to cringe at Ira Glass?
posted by Shadowkeeper at 7:26 AM on May 25, 2001

According to Matt Haughey's post on the Kaycee group on Yahoo, Evan Williams forgot to read the email noting that their T1 supplier was going out of business. Oops.

I really like "This American Life." What, is there a critical backlash by people who discovered it first and are bitter that it's popular?

I just read "running after antelopes" by frequent contributor Scott Carrier. Great stuff. Makes me want to get off my butt and do something instead of stare at a screen all day.
posted by mecran01 at 8:40 AM on May 25, 2001

I've been spending all of my metafilter-less time on vectorpark. So good, its spooky.
posted by neilkod at 8:46 AM on May 25, 2001

The Lizard House was a fun place to visit. I liked the design and the mood music. Guess I'm just partial to us cold blooded creatures...
posted by Sal Amander at 1:56 PM on May 25, 2001

I found The Straight Dope. Pretty amazing.
posted by caraig at 3:13 PM on May 25, 2001

I could spend hours at the straight dope. All those languages are mesmerizing.
posted by modofo at 3:40 PM on May 25, 2001

Here's the straight dope.
posted by modofo at 5:44 PM on May 25, 2001

You can do anything at My favorite part is that it eventually allows you to sign up for a newsletter. (It probably won't make a whole lot of sense if your sound is muted.)
posted by swell at 7:46 PM on May 25, 2001

I cringed at Ira Glass after hearing a recent episode of TAL that talked about cringing. Ira Glass recently uncovered some tapes of him interviewing the cast of the tv series MASH. Ira was like, 20, and very wet behind the ears. Y'know that age when you think you know everything and are really smug. Alan Alda actually said Ira was being pejorative. It was just a particularly cringing piece for me. I'd hate to be called pejorative by Alan Alda.

I love TAL. In fact I wish someone out there would make audio pieces about this online community which would be accepted by TAL. I think it'd be cool. I've tried making stuff that TAL might consider, but most of my finished products aren't even worth converting into mp3 format and posting online. The best of my attempts are at The worst just got deleted, but even my best stuff just makes me cringe.
posted by ZachsMind at 11:55 PM on May 25, 2001

Loving, swell, thanks very much. Would it be wrong to post it on the front page since it's already been posted here?
posted by Hjorth at 11:42 AM on May 26, 2001

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