Here's the Beef
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Joe Sedelmaier showed us where the beef is, and in doing so, revolutionized television advertising (aside from spawning a Clara Peller 7" and influencing the 1984 US elections). Here are some of Sedelmaier's greatest moments: Wendy's: Soviet Fashion Show | "Parts is Parts" • FedEx: "You can't count on anything these days!" | The Classic Speed Talker (John Moschitta, previously) • Pearson's Salted Nut Roll (with Godwin effect) • Fibreglas Pink (Canada) • Kaypro ComputersAlaska Airlines • Clara Peller in Jartran Truck RentalHayworth Furniture SystemsGMAC FinancingAnd for those missing individually, Youtuber jerry7242 has posted a reel of 30 minutes' worth of Joe Sedelmaier's commercials in four parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 (#4 includes an interview with Joe Sedelmaier) Enjoy!

(Joe is also J.J. Sedelmaier's dad.)
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Is next.....swimwear!
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Seeing the name Clara Peller so close to 7" made me cringe.
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A lot of these commercials made their way into "Commercial Crazies", a VHS-based game I had as a kid.
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I like how in the interview he can't stop interrupting the interviewer. I work at an agency, and we're all like that.
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Mod note: Nutroll! From the same company who brought you Bun Bars and the Chicken Dinner Bar. Hey isn't this Astro Zombie's blog? I want a Seven Up Bar terribly now. no NOT a freaking Skybar, no no no no!
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I want to file a complaint that this post and several comments are insensitive to those of us with diverticulitis.

Banhammer please.
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Awesome post. I remember those commercials as being a real topic of conversation back in the 80s. Everyone was looking for a reason to use the punchline "where's the beef?".
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Pieces parts! Loved these commercials as a kid.
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