Déja vu ?
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A tale of two countries Some time ago, the french & German tv channel Arte had created an internet extension devoted to audio only, Arteradio. This website contains hours of audio creations. This is the place where you can listen to The first radio drama /la première fiction radio /in two languages and one version /en deux langues et une seule version /a BBC-ARTE Radio coproduction /enregistrée à Paris et London /recorded on location /diffusée en hertzien /broadcasted on BBC Radio 4 on February, 4th, 2009 /online on arteradio.com. You can also listen to McKenzie Wark, or to the moment of silence created on September the eleventh 2002, to Steve, to English pupils in Paris, to Susan George, to Dean Hurley commenting his work, and then dive into the complete unknown, and pure French sounds, like these testimonies about masturbation, or about la chanson, like a Paris postcard, or even a street snapshot.
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Arte rocks, and by rocks I mean I understand a little spoken French, and I can read a bit of German alright, so when I watch the French programmes with the German subtitles I can sort of understand what's going on purple monkey dishwasher.

Highly unusual for them to do anything at all in English.
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french rock?....um, no.
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french rock? maybe . . . french people talking about playing with themselves? hell yes! all day long. and i possess no functional knowledge of the language.
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