Cruella de Ville [NOT VILLAINESS-IST]
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Cruella de Ville, the band, were formed by fraternal twins (with identical voices) Philomena and Colum Muinzer. They were probably best known for their single, "Those Two Dreadful Children", which appeared on Dr. Demento's show a number of times. CdV were only around for a short time (1982-1984) before dropping off the map [citation needed], but thanks to the internets and youtubeses, we can revisit their tiny catalogue: pop nuggets in a manic, cheeky, theatrical punk vein. But just when you thought you'd pegged their sound...
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Not sure how I missed this duo back in those early eighties. Then again, there was so much stuff around, and no internet. Is it just me, or does Philomena look like she's cultivating a David Bowie thing, and her brother reminds me of, of all people, Rachel Maddow? Sorry, it was a long day with first graders today.

Thanks for the post.

Still wishing for boy-girls twins--there's something fascinating about that particular human configuration.
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And while some might find that last--and different of character--song to be cloying, I liked it. Then again, I also like (still) Springsteen's "If I Should Fall Behind, Wait for Me." Someone should cover it, maybe Cat Power, I don't know. It's raining so hard here (Florence Henderson, are you out there?) I can't think.
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This band's not doing it for me. I just find nothing compelling about their music.
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Bizarrely I've never heard a song by Cruella de Ville but Mike Edgar went on to host BBC Northern Ireland's wonderful Across The Line radio show for the best part of two decades several nights a week. It was and still is the soundtrack to many peoples lives. It just about justifies the BBC for me. On one hand I can turn up in a hotel room anywhere in the world and watch news, on the other I can hear my friend's demo tapes being played late at night.
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That first song is like an Edward Gorey musical.
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Absolutely Edward Gorey, he loved the word "dreadful" especially connected to "children."
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It's what ABBA would've been like if Andi Sex Gang had led them. Thanks for the links!
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Reminds me of Cardiacs, who are freaking awesome. Woo! Thanks!
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I had never heard of these people. I like them a lot. Thank you!
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This is really good. Thank you.
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Totally remember this from Dr. Demento- its was on a cassette I'd taped of the show so I heard it a lot, and the "powdered glass into their tea" thing stuck. Way more glammy than I remember. Like Queen humping the Pogues.
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It looks like the two kids were a problem just about everywhere....
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If the Dresden Dolls ever get back together for an album of covers, I'll now have a suggestion for them.
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Good God, it's been twenty years since I heard this song on Doctor Demento, and even before I clicked the YT link I suddenly remembered "WEE WEE WEE WEE WEE WEE AH AH AH AH AH AH." Doctor Demento's songs have crazy mental sticking power!
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