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Wikitrivia.net makes trivia questions out of Wikipedia pages. It's a bit rough around the edges, but it does pretty well for not having a magic AI that understands English. Hit reload if you get a question you don't like, or grab the source code if you think you can make it better.
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I got the following:

Chachapoyas is a city in northern ???? at an elevation of 2,235 meters (7,657 ft). The city has a population of approximately 20,279 people. Situated in the mountains far from the Peruvian coast, Chachapoyas remains fairly isolated from other regions of ????. There is daily service by bus to Chiclayo and Cajamarca. Although there was a local airpor ...

What is being talked about in the quote from Wikipedia?

I took a wild stab and answered "Chachapoyas." Amazingly, I was right!
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oh my. i haven't checked out the link, but the idea is FANTASTIC! I know someone who may be using the snot outta this one.
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Repeats, bad censoring, images that give away the answer---all par for the course. Just keep hitting reload...
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Good concept. Poor execution. I answered "really fun league" and it said I got it correct when the correct answer was actually "Regional Football League."
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Oh snap, I know a whole lot of music, but that music trivia sequence really shows how little I know. I know, like, nothing.
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I picked Movies and got this:

??? ????? is a DRM and conditional access firm. Its major shareholders are Permira, who hold 51%, and News Corporation who hold approximately 49%. The company is headquartered in West Drayton (near Heathrow), United Kingdom. The CEO of ??? is Abe Peled.

Uhh... Meryl Streep?
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Question 1: A ?????? is anyone who creates a written work, although the word usually designates those who write creatively or professionally, as well as those who have written in many different forms. The word is almost synonymous with author, although somebody who writes, for example, a laundry list, could technically be called the ?????? of the list, but not...

Question 2: The ???? ??????? ??????????????? (usually abbreviated to OSI) was an effort to standardize networking that was started in 1982 by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), along with the ITU-T. Prior to OSI, according to its proponents[who?], networking was largely vendor-developed and proprietary, with protocol standards such as...

Steep learning curve...
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????? ???????? (known as Choco Krispis, Choco ????????, or Coco Pops outside of the United States) is a breakfast cereal produced by Kellogg's. It is a ?????-flavored version of Rice ????????. Containing a substance imitating milk chocolate, the cereal can quickly turn milk "chocolatey." The cereal was introduced in the United States in 1958. In 2 ...

What is being talked about in the quote from Wikipedia?

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Playing Music

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So does this take incorrect information and ask you incorrect trivia questions? Cause that would be cool.
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Getting any single word right counts as a correct answer.
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Category: Video games
??????? is a sexual activity that involves inserting a hand into the vagina or anus. Typically, ??????? does not involve forcing the clenched fist into the vagina or anus. Instead, all five fingers are kept straight and held as close together as possible (forming a beak-like shape, casually referred to as a "silent duck"), then slowly inserted into .
Uh... Yeah you could say it's got some kinks to work out.
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This amused me for a very short time. It's too slow for how un-fun it turns out to be. But, yeah, really nice idea.
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Kinks? I think ??????? is a full-blown fetish.
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These aren't the ????? you're looking for.

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