100 Meters of Existence
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Danish photographer Simon Høgsberg has made several updates since we last visited, including Faces of New York and The Low Fat Diaries. Digital Photography School interviews Høgsberg about his latest project We're All Gonna Die - 100 Meters of Existence.
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see also: Ivars Gravlejs for teutonic photographical wit. (look in 'works')
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What a strong, beautiful and uplifting use of photography, and of the web. The Faces of New York are wonderful, and I wanted to see a hundred of them. And the bridge, the people on the bridge... all marching into eternity. This is the pleasure of walking down the street in a busy city: the faces; the imagined histories; eyes, mouths, noses and the color and texture of skin. Simon Hogsberg "gets" it.
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good use of sidescroll.

i don't know about the low-fat diaries. seems like an awful lotta drama about hitchhiking and scavenging in europe. its really quite easy.
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I dont get why the 100 meter photo is under the precept of "were all gonna die", the photo seems more fun than that. I really didn't look that hard, but the weather seemed to cooperate with her project, making the his seam stitching a little easier.
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captain, the answer to the "we're all gonna die" title is explained in his interview with Digital Photography School linked in the FPP.
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These are fantastic images. Thanks for pointing out his update.
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