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Not only do villains get the best lines, they get the best interior design too.
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Good stuff.

Related: One of the things I really enjoyed about The Incredibles was that they tapped the retro 60s "Spy Vibe" stuff this blog is about.
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I've got some villainous sounding interior design.

"Please, have a seat on the GUNGHULT!"
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Spectrum HQ is a floating sky-base with vast windows, pop art colors, computer and microphone consoles, and a hip lounge where the super model jet pilots hang out!

they stole my secret-hovering -orbital -platform- above- Flint.

we have to share a bathroom
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> they get the best interior design too.

Poppycock. Flint's bachelor pad was awesome. Too awesome for mere photographic evidence to capture. But I did find this totally awesome poster.
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Ken Adams is brilliant. He designed lots of other swanky/evil movie interiors, like Auric Goldfinger's Kentucky ranch house in "Goldfinger", and the War Room in "Doctor Strangelove".

The latter was featured in the Cold War Modern show that closed last month at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.
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One of the only reasons I've always wanted to be a super-villian was to get the volcano lair.

Well, and sharks with lasers on their heads. Obviously. Oh, and the matching minions. And the cigarette holder. And the fabulous opera length dresses and gloves in the afternoon.

Ah, evil...it just looks like so much fun.
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They used to get the best interior design, now they get "a battered watch and an accurate U-Bahn timetable."
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"Coalition of Bloggers Writing About Spies" - "COBRA", with cute snakey logo. Nice try guys. I wouldn't want to sound like Elmer Fudd either, but that acronymn spells COBWAS. Should have named it Coalition of Spy Bloggers, yes? And then you could have a bill cosby logo with glowing lime green eyes or something.
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Two words: Bernie Madoff.
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Oooo, "The House That Jack Built"!

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"Coalition of Bloggers Writing About Spies"

It should have been Coalition of Writers Blogging About Retro Spies... then it could have been COWBRA. And everyone knows, cow's needs bras.
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