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Looking to boost your mad Photoshop skillz? Here's a trio of sites that offer the latest in PS tips and tricks. Best Photoshop Tutorials has vectors, icons, and free brushes. PShero works with effects and shapes, and Photoshop Girl features photograph enhancement. That should get you started.
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Handy links. Thanks.
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"And IF you really suck", that should say.

Clearly I know about the suck.
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I tend to like psdtuts. Can be hit or miss sometimes, but there are some gems in there.
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Oh gosh. Since you brought it up...

dPS post-production
Photoshop Star
Photoshop Roadmap
Tutorial 9
Photoshop Killer Tips
Ken Rockwell on Ps
Vandelay Design
Worth 1000 tutorials
Melissa Clifton
Luminous Landscape (mixed in with photography tutorials)
computer arts
Photoshop Essentials
tutorial outpost

I could do this all day. (No, I don't have a social life.) Oh, and look for videos on youtube and metacafe, etc. A lot of these sites just rip each other off, but there's still lots of useful stuff out there. But seriously, if you're just starting out, go buy the Katrin Eismann books. She is bad-ass.
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Ya know, every non-designer in any kind of marcom should be force to go through a few of these tutorials, so the next time they're in a production meeting about changing a design and turn to an art director to say "that will only take a couple of minutes, right?" they'll realize that NO FUCKFACE IT WILL TAKE MUCH LONGER THAN A COUPLE OF FUCKING MINUTES.

unclench unclench unclench
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Forget Photoshop, where are the awesome tutorials for the Gimp? Some of us casual designers can't spend hundreds of dollars on Photoshop.
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awesome tutorials for the Gimp?

" far superior to anything else out there. it will change your life. in this tutorial we'll show you how to reduce red-eye artifacts in your photos in 1209 easy steps. step one: switch power grids..."
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The answer to that, exhilaration, is that no-one does Gimp tuts because no-one uses it. They all either buy or pirate Photoshop. And when most of the decent tutorials are done by people who make money doing this kind of thing, they can aford to go out and buy it. *shrug*

But then PSElements is only about £70, so...
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any links to Corel sites?
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I just got a box of crayons and a nifty pad of paper for my birthday. Anyone know of some online tutorials...?
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twsf: I know you're joking, but here's a whole blog about using crayons as an art medium.

And just to come full circle here's how to make faux crayon drawings in Photoshop.
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Screw you guys, I'm going back to my Micrografx Picture Publisher!
*drapes rat-tail carefully over collar of hawiian shirt*
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slogger, you got that right.
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