May God give us Strength.
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Photographs of The Great Depression of the 1930's to 1940's (previously), and an interview with a survivor growing up during those hard times... posted before on Mefi, here.
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Whenever I see those Walker Evans photos, it always astonishes me how little rural Alabama has changed.

Yeah, kids have pants and most have cheap Chinese made shoes, but those shacks are still there and still occupied.
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The Road to Hooverville, an audio slideshow by our friends at the BBC.
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If our stimulus plan fails, and our nation is plunged again into the depths of another Great Depression, my greatest fear is that we shall have no Sears Roebuck catalog with which to use as toilet paper.

Due to the incessant depression-era anecdotes of my parents, I have given this issue a great deal of thought, and plan to simply print out spam e-mail as an effective substitute.
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Honest Weights, Square Dealings
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"Hitlers Love Life Revealed!" - 1940

Suddenly looking at these in the checkout lines doesn't seem so bad.
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Sad that the CNN link to one of the children in the Migrant Mother photo talks about keeping her cleaning job at the age of 77. I can't imagine living a whole life on such marginal means. Every person I know who lived through the depression went on to be comparatively well off, as they worked to save and build a cushion against hard times, to the point where they have pretty comfortable retirements.
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Not one person wearing a barrel. Disappointing.
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