Mitch Haile's Office
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Mitch Haile's office requires some explanation.
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Mitch Haile's office requires a big red button.
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Great find, cheers.
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I'm glad you posted that because I've been wondering if there was an explanation behind Mitch Haile's office.
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Somehow it seems appropriate that the person who built that posts a 4000 word interview with himself on his site.
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Thanks to this post I learned how to make my mouse cursor bigger. No more shaking my arm violently shouting "Where's my fucking mouse?!"
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No, it doesn't need an explanation: this is what happens if you were to get a dork to remodel the inside of your house.

I'm betting that the coffee stained mousemat, USB pop tart warmer and dog eared copy of the latest Victoria's Secret catalogue were momentarily stashed while the photo was taken.
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I wonder to what extent that site was motivated by a desire to document the place for income tax purposes.
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Check out the links to other impressive offices. (fav.)
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Its linked in the FAQ but I need to point out Stefan Didak's Office.

The conduit question was mine! I'm famous!
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I once had a bedroom in my house converted into a, as my wife called it, Command center... this was nearly 10 years ago...

I had four computers (one pc, a macplus, a 20th anniversary mac, and a G3 desktop), all my video equipment, scanner, 6 piece component stereo setup, a TV set, two VCR's, Video converters, slide projector, and all my 35mm and digital (old school apple camera) photo equipment. All on a massive u shaped computer desk with various hutches.

It didn't look that different... and I didn't think it was anything special at the time, just what I needed to have fun and do just a tiny bit of work.

i'm willing to bet there there are more setups out there like this then we suspect... most people just don't blog about their desk..
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Great find, thanks.

(I'm not over-exposed to geekdom, so I found the caption descriptions strangely soothing 'in these uncertain times..'. That's my dime store self-analysis anyway!)
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No, most people DO blog about their desk. They just aren't fortunate enough to have it posted here.
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That person has a lot of monitors!
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I need to point out Stefan Didak's Office.

Its Sinclair ZX-81 has the 16KB memory expansion pack.

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Any home office without a sofa for napping is a sadly incomplete home office.
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With more people working at home, isolated from other people, I suppose this sort of "pictures of your office" meme will catch on as a way to be social. Of course, like casemoders, it only works if you have a kick ass office. This need to socialize the office space could create a whole new sub-culture of one-upsmanship of building out ridiculous office spaces. Wired will do a featured article on it, WSJ gets in on it, perhaps one of the mainstream CBS/NBC/ABC does a story. There is even a fanzine. It gets a silly name, like "office-moders". A new industry develops with blueprints, and then ready-made custom office spaces.
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I wasn't going to read it, because who cares, and then discovered I had read the whole thing- every word. I still don't care, but it was a nice little break. Plus I now know how to make the cursor bigger. (please add a tag for that)
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stbalbach: see, you think you're joking... but... check out Deskography... and Fog Creek's office gets covered by the New York Times...
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If he just had 1d3 monitors, his office would require a lot less explanation.
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Great find. Neat post!
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That's cool. I think, "I'd love a set up like that!" Then I think, "But what would I do with it?" Then I think, "I'd love a set up like that!"
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Pointed out already, but subtly, so I'll repeat it: no one should miss the click to the parody at the bottom of that. It's a nice tonic afterward.

(At least it is from my meagre home office—which I've lately pimped out with, gasp, a working desk lamp and a blanket, both of which keep me warm and save on heating bills! That's right, I get heat from my lamp. It's like how indigenous peoples use all parts of the animals they kill. I say thank you every time I turn it on as well.)
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I think I'll stick with a desk more like Andy Rooney's... that silly old kook, god love him.
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I'm pretty sure the Flickr pool Annotated workspaces has been mentioned on Mefi before. There was also a show us your tits desk thread.

So, yeah, we're a bunch of desk geeks.
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I came here for a matrix joke, I leave disappointed? (Honestly didn't this remind anyone else of the screens in the first matrix movie? Especially with the green on black on the left two monitors.)
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I can explain it for you ADD.
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I was going to link to the Metatalk desk thread. I like knowing where the magic happens for you guys.
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You know, I have a friend who works for a new cutting edge type company, and their culture is all about 'multiple screens'. They swear that this is a growing concept in workplaces.

Typically, the normal desk worker has 3 screens and one computer. Once screen is locked on email, the second is usually always on a datawarehouse or something like that, and the third is for all the other work. My friend says it is pretty nice once you get used to it.
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