Mirror's Edge- 2D
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Flash Fuh-Wednesday: Mirror's Edge 2D- a flash platformer celebrating the release of console game Mirror's Edge, the 2D version is great for anyone lacking a console.

Designed and programmed by Brad Borne, known for the Fancy Pants Adventure series [previously][previously], Mirror's Edge 2D is pretty cool simply for highlighting a great indie games designer- and that's before you figure out how to run up walls.
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Letting other people know: this crashed firefox when I opened it.
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It didn't crash Firefox when I played it last night.

235w103: "The 2D version is great for anyone lacking a console."

From what I've heard, those with consoles might also want to play it, since the 3D version was kind of junk.
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It lacks the charm of the Fancy Pants stuff, but it's not too bad in its own right. I've played the demo of the console version and found it lacking.
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lots of fun!
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The opening screens and tutorial ran smoothly, but the first level really bogged down my Firefox, too.
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Pretty fun, thanks!
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The 2D version is great for anyone lacking a console.

Or, y'know, you could play the PC version of the real game too.

I've only played a few levels, but the parkour parts are a lot of fun. I've heard it just devolves into a lot of frustrating restarts, but it's in my Gamefly queue, and I'm looking forward to it.
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Fuck -- I tried running it in Chrome and now my whole computer is locking up (posting from my phone). If this makes me lose the FPP I was working on, I'm gonna be pissed. Guess that's what I get for procrastinating...
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Feels a LOT like Fancy Pants.

which is not a bad thing
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not a gamer, but I tried a sec and couldn't even leave the staging area. ..
That said, I have already been exposed to this game's publicity, it seems pretty rad, and I LOVE the theme music for some reason.
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very, very good.
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Or, y'know, you could play the PC version of the real game too.

Which is glorious. A tip: the combat is by far the worst part, but if you play the game on easy, it makes the combat easier (or more possible to ignore) but doesn't affect the parkour stuff.

A lot of the complaints I've seen about the game have been from people who seemed to come to it with different expectations: it's not an open world, it's not really an "art" game, and it's certainly not portal. I went into it expecting nothing more than linear runs along rooftops and a lot of bright colours, and that's exactly what I got and exactly what I loved.

In fact, I loved it so much that when the hard drive with my save on it died, I started again straight away.
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Dammit -- of course the one page I needed the most is the one Firefox session restore is unable to save. Now I've got to start all over.

On the plus side, I did learn that Mirror's Edge has a PC version, so at least reading this post wasn't a total loss.

Anybody know why a Flash game would crash two browsers like that? I'd like to try it out, if possible.
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It's basically Sonic the Hedgehog crossed with the hot chick from The Matrix. Not a bad thing, mind you. I particularly like how much it feels like the big Mirror's Edge release.
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This is a lot of fun.
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For those with crashed browsers, give it a minute and the Flash Player might pop up a box saying something like "A script in this movie is causing Adobe Flash Player to run slowly [...] Do you want to abort this script?" - in which case, click "Yes" and the game will die but everything else will live. If you accidentally clicked "No", wait another minute for the box to come up again and do the right thing this time.

There's something in the game code which is usually in effect an infinite loop, or infinite recursion - a bug - and it's affecting your browser because the Flash Player process is not separate from the browser process. Very silly!
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ME is only about linking together linear runs, like AoK said. It's like a parkour tomb raider.

The first time my brother played ME he immediately said "Can you get her to run any faster?". Which is exactly the same thing he says when he starts a racing game. He wanted a racing game out of it, because on the clip he imagined it would be played that way. Therefore trailers are an ineffective marketing tool and we should work towards a demo-delivery system that is clean and organized, ala apple.com/trailers or something. Heck you could probably use trailers and a 3d web app (like QUAKElive) to demonstrate both the prettiness and gameplay for your product inside one web page or even one applet. The idea being that the real game feels like the webapplet to play, but 1000x better, as demonstrated by the awesome trailer. You play them inside each other, X part of webapplet has a picture in picture window of the awesomified trailer playing a reel of what you could _really_ be doing in the full version as you get your "hey i finished the demo achievement!" which gives you an extra 5 gold pieces for when you buy the game.

marketing solved! lol.
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