Raghubir Singh
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Raghubir Singh.

Yes, the website is in flash. Suck it up, because his photographs are wonderful. Sadly he passed away in 1999. He was working in colour in the 70s, which was still very uncommon for fine art photography.
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Andre Kertesz.
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well.. its not just that its in flash, innit? the photos are 200px wide and a shitty resolution: what is the point of a portfolio site if not to see vivid photography?
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Does that make his photos less awesome? It's hard to find his stuff elsewhere online. And it's pretty amazing stuff. And I hadn't heard of him till today. Hence the post. Maybe if you email his estate they'll fix the site for you.
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Wonderful pics, thanks for the post. He reminds me a bit of one of my faves, Fred Herzog, a Vancouver photographer who also used colour (particularly Kodachrome, which it looks like Singh likes, too) to do similar streetscape-type stuff.
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well, they are beautiful, but you already struck a defensive tone and i was remarking that yes, its an annoying website, therefore one cannot see that they are really that beautiful. so don't take it personally, eh.
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I stuck a defensive tone because I have yet to post a link to some photographers web site that doesn't include X comments about how "the site is in flash, what the fuck." It gets tired.
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